What was spoken at the opening ceremony of BUDO

What was spoken at the opening ceremony of BUDO
Maybe; What happened at the ceremony on the Mudanya pier on Wednesday morning seems to be a detail, but whispers began to be spoken out loud.
Bursa Sea Buses, which were established by the Metropolitan Municipality, organized a ceremony at the Mudanya sea port with the participation of the protocol before the trial for journalists.
So what;
During the ceremony and the pressure to the right turn to the right rain, the ceremony also missed the taste.
Many parties and bureaucrats, as well as Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar, Mayor of Mudanya Hasan Aktürk, Mayor of Kestel Yener Acar, Deputy Mayor of Gemlik Refik Yılmaz, Harmancık Mayor Mustafa Çetinkaya were among the participants.
Besides the;
CHP provincial chairman Metin Çelik was among those who took place in the rain during the ceremony, Steel's participation in a ceremony of the AK Party Metropolitan Municipality found a great deal of comments, politicians who welcomed this participation.
So what;
In the ceremony where almost everything was mixed with torrential rain, there were other applications that attracted attention.
For example;
When Sedat Yalçın was out of town, he represented the AK Parti provincial chairmanship under the Chairmanship of Local Authorities, whereas Temel resigned in the middle of the ceremony, leaving behind question marks.
Many AK Party whispered ear to ear, while the speaker on the lecture was surprised by what was going on.
By the way;
Deputy Governor Huseyin Demirciler, who participated in the ceremony in the name of Governor of Bursa, instead of Governor Sahabettin Harput, was another name that took its share from the criticism of the ceremony area.
Apart from the fact that although it is a method that politicians and local administrators are not used to and are not used to, Demirciler stands with his driver / bodyguard even in the protocol tribune, has his coat removed in front of everybody, he has his cap on, re-put it on, put it on again ...
He read the paper quickly, the ring away from the cold state speech not only in the ceremonial area, even the party created a question mark.
The fact that the AK Party's former deputy, Hayrettin Çakmak, who was at the ceremony, left the ceremony and left the protocol tribune unclearly, was another remarkable commentary.

Source: Okan TUNA-www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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