3. tender date of the airport was announced (Special Report)

  1. The tender date of the airport has been announced: Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, announced the tender date of the new airport to be built in Istanbul on May 3 at 14:00.
    Yıldırım stated that the total passenger traffic in Istanbul reached 60 million at a press conference on the new airport to be held in Istanbul.
    "This, in a sense, is a figure closer to half of the total air traffic in Turkey," said Lightning, recalled that 130 million of the total traffic.
    In other words, Yıldırım stated that the number of airline passengers in Istanbul is more than 4 times the population of the city and said, “Ataturk Airport has no more chance to meet such rapidly increasing air traffic anymore”.
    “The necessity of the new airport is obvious”
    Emphasizing that the physical conditions of Atatürk Airport have been very limited and improved, Yıldırım continued his words as follows:
    “For this reason, it is obvious that it is necessary to build a new airport in Istanbul in order to reveal the future air traffic potential of Istanbul and to provide a long-term solution to the capacity problem.
    The new Istanbul Airport will be built on an area of ​​approximately 77 million square meters on the Black Sea coastline between Yeniköy and Akpınar settlements on the European side of Istanbul. This area has been determined by taking into consideration the ecological balance of the region, wind data, natural and artificial obstacle conditions. ”
    Noting that the said land has been declared as a reserve area by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Yıldırım stated that the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization was carrying out the expropriation works in accordance with the cooperation protocol.
    Stating that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies are also carried out by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Yıldırım said, “The new Istanbul Airport and Kanal Istanbul and the new city project to be built in this region, together with the rail and highway connections to the center of Istanbul, It creates an ecosystem. ”
    The new eco-city will include many commercial living areas, stating that the Lightning, the new city to be established with the airport will be a total of said.
    Infrastructure projects completed
    Yildirim said that maps and infrastructure projects related to the land selected for the airport were completed.
    He also stated that the studies on the ground studies have been completed and that the report on the ground study was also in the process of coming out.
    Transportation of the city, which will provide the airport connection, will be realized simultaneously with the land transportation, rail system and airport construction. Yıldırım said that the General Directorate of Highways, Infrastructure Investments and State Railways work in coordination with the airport in order to provide access to the airport.
    Yildirim, said:
    “When the airport reaches full capacity, it will be the largest airport in the world in terms of passenger capacity. The new Istanbul Airport will be built by the public private sector, also known as the Turkish model. In other words, it will be realized with the Build-Operate-Transfer model. In this context, it is envisaged to provide a passenger and tariff guarantee for a certain period in order to finance the new Istanbul Airport project. ”
    Yildirim said that the tender will be carried out in a different way than the previous projects, and said that the rent to be paid to the administration in a certain period of time would be competed in this project, not the operation and construction periods.
    Yıldırım said, “In the beginning, we fix the operating time as 25 years. Operation period will start with the completion of the construction works and the airport's commissioning and will continue for 25 years. The bidders will compete in the total rental price they will pay to the State Airports Authorities for 25 years of operation, taking into account the investment price, construction period and operating time. Bids will be evaluated technically first. Bids with both financial and technical capabilities will be considered valid. In the second stage, the price envelope will be opened. Later, these rental fees will be competed. Thus, the bidder who undertakes to pay the most rent during the operation period will have won the tender. ”
    The tender will be held on May 3
    Minister Yıldırım said that the third airport tender to be held in Istanbul will be held in 3 on May 2013 at the time of the 10.00, in the presence of the tenderers and the press and the announcement of the tender will be published in the national newspapers as of tomorrow.
    Pointing out that all kinds of precautions and measures have been taken to create the necessary competition in the tender, Yıldırım said, “We aim to complete the first phase of the new airport of Istanbul within 42 months after the tender is decided and the place is delivered”.
    Lightning, with the beginning of the first phase of the construction period during the construction period will be provided to the average 80 thousand people per year by drawing attention to work, during the construction work of the project annually 80 thousand people will have business and bread, he said.
    Annually 120 thousand people will be provided with the employment of the airport announcing the yearly Lightning, 2003 aviation employment is only around 50 thousand, 2012 said that as of the end of this number is 165 thousand.
    “There will be considerable land movement”
    Minister Yıldırım said that the first phase of the airport will be a significant amount of land movement in the first phase of construction. This land movement will be far above the land movement in highway, railway and airport projects.
    Yıldırım stated that he avoids giving some amount in this regard, does not find it right, and real values ​​will emerge when he enters the land. “However, in terms of giving an idea, the amount of iron and steel to be used in construction will reach approximately 350 thousand tons. The amount of aluminum material reaches about 10 thousand tons. Only the amount of glass to be used is 415 thousand square meters. ”
    Yildirim said that the project will take place in four stages:
    “In the first stage, there are 90 thousand square meter main terminal with all kinds of equipment for the use of passengers with a total capacity of 680 million passengers, two terminal buildings of 170 thousand square meters in size or satellite terminals, a total of 88 passenger bridges at the terminals, a parking garage for 12 thousand vehicles. , 380 runways, 777 parallel taxiways, apron of about 3 million square meters, 8 technical blocks, a tower, honor hall, cargo and general aviation terminals, where aircrafts (such as 4, 3), which are independent from each other, can easily land and take off, other social reinforcement areas including hospitals, places of worship and congress centers. ”
    Annual 150 million passenger capacity
    Lightning at the end of the second stage of the project, 3 parallel taxi to explain more to be done in the road, and the third stage of the sea side 500 thousand square meters of annual 30 million passenger capacity terminal building, parallel taxiways, an additional runway with additional apron said that will be done.
    In the fourth stage, 340 Yildirim said that a new terminal with a capacity of one thousand square meters of 30 will be built, and thus the terminal area will have a total annual 1 million passenger capacity, which would have reached a thousand square meters of 400 million 150.
    Parallel taxi routes, with an additional apron in the fourth stage of an additional runway will be put into operation Yıldırım, said:
    “When all stages are completed, approximately 1,5 million square meters of indoor area, 150 million passengers per year, 165 passenger bridges, 4 separate terminal buildings where transportation between the terminals is made, 3 technical blocks and air traffic control tower, 8 control towers, all kinds of aircraft 6 runways suitable for the type of operation, 16 taxiways, a total of 500 million square meters apron with 6,5 airplane parking capacity, honor hall, cargo and general aviation terminal, state guest house, open and closed car park with a capacity of 70 thousand vehicles, aviation medical center will consist of auxiliary facilities such as hotels, fire and garage center, places of worship, congress center, power plants, treatment and garbage disposal facilities.
    Once completed, the new Istanbul Airport Project, which will at least be the world's largest airport in terms of passenger capacity, will be auspicious to our country, Istanbul and our nation. ”
    “Istanbul's potential is not less than Paris”
    Lightning, a new airport, not only in terms of western Istanbul and Turkey and said the transfer would be an important center for the eastern world.
    To remove the aircraft and passenger traffic at high levels for many years the project will take place in a design to respond adequately to Turkey's aviation services, the airport's eye stressed it would be one of the striking features of the Lightning, the new airport in Turkey's aviation growth, will contribute to the development, he said he would encourage .
    Geographically, the most suitable location between Europe and Asia is the 3. Yıldırım pointed out that the airport is the place to do, said:
    “When describing the new airport project, it is impossible not to get excited. As a ministry that performs Turkey's largest projects to date, we are the largest in until yesterday Istanbul-Izmir and Izmit Bay Crossing Project also leave the left we are faced with a new project.
  2. The airport project is a project that has passed the Istanbul-Izmir Highway Project in terms of cost and project size. Our government's goal is to make Istanbul, which has hosted civilizations and cultures throughout history, an important tourism and financial center in the future. This airport will make a great contribution to such a target for Istanbul. It will act as a locomotive to achieve this goal. ”
    Pointing out that Paris earns 50 billion euros from 60 million tourists annually, Yıldırım stated that Istanbul's potential is not less than Paris, or even much more.
    “Preparing for the 2020 Olympics, European Football Championship, being a candidate, realizing important infrastructure projects one by one, attracting the attention of the world, with the new airport of Istanbul, the 3rd bridge, the Marmaray Project, the Eurasia Tunnel Pass, Istanbul- With the Ankara High Speed ​​Train, the Istanbul-Izmir Highway Project and Kanal Istanbul, new Istanbul city projects, seven-hill Istanbul will be crowned with seven projects and will demonstrate its claim to be the world brand city of the future.
    With these projects, Istanbul, where Sultan Fatih conquered and closed an age and opened an age, opens the door to a new age. I wish the project to be auspicious again. ”


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