Salihliye light rail system proposal from MHP group

Salihliye light rail system proposal from MHP group
The MHP members of the Salihli City Council brought up the proposal of the light rail system for the solution of Salihli's forward-looking traffic and parking problem.
At the Salihli Municipal Assembly's January meeting, it is envisaged to use tram in urban public transportation with the proposal of Light Rail System, which was discussed as an additional agenda item as MHP Group proposal. The proposal states that the existing railway line can also be used in urban public transportation, and the project to be developed aims at reducing the use of motor vehicles and directing citizens to public transportation. With the project, it is thought that the growing parking lot and traffic problem in Salihli will be solved prospectively.
While the light rail system project, which was presented as a MHP group proposal in the Salihli Municipality Assembly, was supported by the three parties in the parliament, it was decided that the project will be evaluated and developed by the municipal units and the preliminary work prepared by the technical units will be put into the strategic plan.
Speaking about the MHP group proposal, City Council Member Şefaat Karabulut said, “We recommend this project in order to clear our district from the rapidly growing traffic and parking problem and to become a more livable city. As a city, if we do not already develop projects for the solution of problems, we will be late in the future. With this project, we begin at least one end of our efforts to solve our traffic and parking problem. I think this project will have a goal in our city. ”
Making a statement about the Light Rail Proposal, Mayor Mustafa Uğur Okay said, “We see that there is a big increase in the number of vehicles due to the facilitation of the purchase of vehicles. Today, many houses have multiple cars. We prepared the 'Transportation Master Plan' for the solution of the traffic problem in Salihli. In the plan, vehicle-free areas and streets are recommended. The proposal of the MHP group is also a project worth considering. However, as a Municipality, we need to take part in our strategic plan to allocate a budget for a project, work. Let the technical units of the municipality do the preliminary work on the project. You know, with the Metropolitan Law, transportation falls within the scope of the metropolitan area. This project can also be included in the municipal transport plan. It is stated that the existing railway line can also be used in the project. The use of the existing line requires the permission of the State Railways. Also, the current line is insufficient for the city. Besides, it is necessary to make other lines. Our Science and Reconstruction and City Directorates will do the necessary preliminary studies regarding the project. ”


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