China launches the world's longest high-speed train line with 2 thousand 298 kilometers

tcdd transport will buy automatic train stop system
tcdd transport will buy automatic train stop system

While China opened the longest high-speed train line in the world with 2 thousand 298 kilometers, the first official train service was also carried out. The high-speed train journey linking the capital city Beijing and the port city of Guangzhou, which is one of the southern commercial centers, has also been completed in 7 hours 59 minutes. With the opening of the Beijing-Guangzhou expedition, it was reported that the high-speed train line in the country reached 9 thousand 300 kilometers.
It was stated that the train numbered G09.00, which started its first flight from Beijing at 801:28 am local time, successfully reached the Guangzhou south train station, which was the last stop at 5 in the evening, exceeding 16.59 cities and 35 states. It was noted that the high-speed train stopped at XNUMX stops, including Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Changsha.
The average speed of the 300 km per hour of the train, the time between Beijing and Guangzhou to reduce the time of 20,5 8 hours was emphasized.


Chinese state television CCTV broadcast live all parts of the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed train journey, which makes its first flight today. CCTV, which transmits the date to the audience day by day with the reporter and cameraman team placed at the important stations where the train will stop, has prepared special programs that talk about the transition phases of the Chinese-made “Harmony” trains.


Beijing-Guangzhou flights between the continuous problems in the flight and the ticket prices, the high speed train expedition with the opening of the passengers were very happy. Experts, with the fast train line between the two cities, the airline companies do not have a reduction in their current earnings and the train ticket is prepared to take measures to compete with the father said. He added that they are waiting for the arrangements of the airplane companies especially about the delays and exorbitant plane ticket prices at the time of the exhibition.

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