Bayraktepe Ski Center Snow thickness reaches 180 centimeters

Bayraktepe Ski Center Snow thickness reaches 180 centimeters

Pine forests, crystal-long ski slope with snow and winter tourism centers of attraction between Turkey Sarikamis Situated filled with Bayraktepe Ski kayaksever.

It reached 180 centimeters in thickness of snow that Bayraktepe Ski Resort in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan with tourists from different countries such as Turkey's ski enthusiasts from all over, skiing, experiencing the joy of snowboarding and sled in style.

Sarıkamış District Governor Erdoğan Turan Ermiş told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the ski center is busy and that this density will reach 100 percent during the semester break next week.

Stating that four hotels were built in Sarıkamış in the last year and the capacity was increased in three hotels, Ermiş said, “The bed capacity in Sarıkamış is around 300. Together with the public guesthouses, this figure reaches 800. These hotels and guesthouses reach 100 percent occupancy during the winter season and especially during the semester break ”.

Emphasizing that the investments made in the last year have gradually shown that Sarıkamış is a center of attraction, Ermiş said:

“Of course, the Ski Center has very important features here. Various features such as crystal snow, scotch pine forests, integration of the Ski Center with the city, ease of transportation and proximity to the airport make it a center of attraction. We also have nine different tracks for beginner, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced skiers. Professional skiers are skiing with great interest and pleasure in the Karan Dere facilities, which have been put into service in the last two years. We would like to host our future guests in Sarıkamış. In addition, there has been an increasing number of tourists in recent years. The number of foreign tourists is higher. Guests from countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan are now coming to our ski resort.

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