High speed train infrastructure in Italy and Poland

High speed train infrastructure in Italy and Poland
The industrial city of Bursa, which produces the first local tramway and aims to be the base in this area, also seeks the infrastructure production of high-speed trains in Europe.
With the encouragement of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar Turkey's first indigenous tram developed by machine Silkworm rail as they prepare to descend, Bursa plans to use the infrastructure for international production in this area. indicating that they have completed the production of Turkey's first indigenous tram Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, he said they had received orders from many countries in the production of high-speed train tracks in Europe.
Altepe; “Since we can produce parts of the high-speed train to be used in some European projects better quality than India, we are starting to make it in Bursa. Mass production starts in March. High speed trains of Italy and Poland will be built in Bursa. These productions are made in partnership with world companies. This is also important for the country's economy. Although the center is Bursa, parts production will be made in Adapazarı, Samsun, Kayseri, Konya and Sivas. This is a really important move and a case study. We believe that we will be advantageous in this sector since our costs are low compared to Europe yap. Durmazlar Altepe stated that after the simulation tests of low-floor wagons to be used in urban tram systems produced by Makine started physical tests, Altepe said that European test experts would check 1 month-long speed, slope grip.
After the test runs, the low-based wagons that can be used in the Sculpture-City Square line will be able to enter into tenders. Altepe, Bursa This is the first domestic vehicle of all mechanical, electronic and management system, fully Bursa production. For the first time with our own patent, we have produced a vehicle with our own brand. Subcontractor not, let's do the production of brand. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit the first domestic vehicle during his visit to Bursa Başbakan.
Middle East market is developing in rail systems
Taha Aydın, the Rail System Consultant who carries out the silkworm project, stated that there is a great market development especially in the rail systems market especially in the Middle East countries. Kel 7 annual projection of the rail system tender in Saudi Arabia is 465 billion euro. There is a market in the world that is expected to reach 20 trillion dollars annually. Turkey first 2 years 10 and 10 percent of the market from the capacity to receive a share of the annual projection 20 percent. We are offering the 20 percent of the market in Turkey. Turkey needs to become a center of attraction related to the rail system. We burned it from Bursa, the automotive and machine manufacturing base. Bursa's infrastructure can be transformed quickly. There are 10 companies that make this production as the brand in the world. We would like to take part in the top tier of Korea through China and Turkey. Our goal in the market is to produce quality at cheap. As this ratio increases, the technology will evolve in the country. We believe that 10-5 will increase its localization rate in the year and achieve a competitive economic production. Ed Turkey's record nativism would support the new law will raise rates in the coming period Aydin, "This means you are paying big bucks to import. We currently use a wagon 10 million pounds in Bursaray. 8 million pounds cost of an outgoing string each time the 4 vehicle meets. It 32 or 30 percent in Turkey to provide municipal services more cheaply, it is very important for the national economy. The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology supports the works in Bursa. Bu
150 wagons can be produced annually with 200
Producer of the world's 7 tram brand İpekböcek, which is prepared to compete worldwide with strong brands such as Siemens, Bombardier and Alstom Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding, stated that the factory could produce the wagon between 150 and 200 annually cheaper than European companies with 30 and 40. The design and technology in Turkey, voicing show the world how far he went in product development, "Durmazlar We, as Machinery, are proud to see the added value created by our labor for our country. As a company, we have production experience and factories. We have the first research and development (R & D) center. With this infrastructure, we made an additional investment of 15 million euros. Prototype percent 100 native
We produce. However, this ratio dropped to 50 on the tram. Because we had to use some parts that were previously approved by those tests to obtain a visa from some international tests. We can also produce these pieces in time Zaman.
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