Interesting explanation for Konya tram

Interesting explanation for Konya tram
Participating in the Friday meeting of MUSIAD, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek gave information about the projects that have been made and planned to be done as a municipality, in his speech that started by saying that MUSIAD is one of the organizations that left a mark in the history of Konya. Akyürek gave information about the Aslım Electricity Generating Facility, which was inaugurated, and said, “This facility will produce enough electricity for 20-24 thousand residences. This facility in Aslım area kazanwe nagged. It cost 10 million dollars. It will contribute to the renewable energy source. In addition to these, we brought a Konya Museum, which we think will have an area of ​​20 thousand square meters, to our city. kazanWe aim to climb. In addition, with the Living City, which we plan to do again, how handicrafts are made will be shown and exhibited here. About 30 handicrafts will be tried to be kept alive," he said. President Akyürek, stating that they will build a Mevlevihane on the land in front of the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, stated that the opening of the Eurasian Animal Exchange will be held soon, adding that they aim to complete the Konya issues and contribute more to the country. Akyürek, who also gave information about the tender of the new trams, which created a debate in the public, said, “This tender was held in a way that everyone can enter. The low-floor trams we are considering are not produced in Turkey. We strive to have the highest standard. We have worked to produce some parts of the trams that will be produced in Turkey in Konya, Kayseri and Bursa.

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