The 51 percent domestic contribution rate valid in the construction of Ankara metro should be legalized

Anadolu Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) President and Çankaya University Rector. Dr. Ziya Burhanettin Güvenç stated that the 51 percent domestic contribution rate valid in the construction of the Ankara subway is below the capabilities and possibilities of the Turkish industry, and added that the domestic contribution should be secured by law to cover other investments.
Professor Dr. Güvenç, AA correspondent, said that the 51 domestic contribution to the Ankara metro is a major stage of the expression, after this application, industrialists, foreign investors began to believe the Turkish industrialists, he said.
In the Ankara metro, he said that they took the right to use the 51 domestic contribution after the long efforts and they did not want to give this effort separately for each tender.
“The domestic contribution valid for the Ankara metro should be enacted to cover other investments. Studies on this subject continue. This law should be secured so that the public, especially local governments, should not behave arbitrarily. ARUS, including our industrialists in OSTİM, is making this effort. Today, 51 percent of the domestic contribution is not enough for us. Turkish industrialists have the capacity to produce 80 percent of the light rail systems. Signaling and some hardware parts in the remaining 20 percent. ”
In the case of Turkey's industrial clustering to choose the path advocated could increase domestic production Prof. Dr. Güvenç emphasized that an ecosystem on a sectoral basis should be created and everyone involved in production should be included in the process.
Guvench, pointing out that the cluster business pursuits or not domestic manufacturing and design idea of ​​coexistence, "firm position on the rail from the main manufacturers in Turkey wants to project from the state. If this demand is met, we will offer 100 percent local design and local brand products in our country, and we can open it to the world market with these references. Because there is a big market of 20 trillion dollars in 1 years in the world. ”
- “Some people are preventing the birth of national brands” -
ARUS Vice President Assoc. Dr. Sadat Çelikdog while also noting that Turkey takes a considerable distance in the production of light rail systems, said that national brands also remove the main target cluster.
Expressing that they regret to see that some local governments continue to prefer foreign brands and manufacturers by ignoring the country's economic policy, Çelikdoğan said, “Some people prevent national brands from being born. We tried very hard to add 51 percent domestic contribution to the specification in the Ankara metro tender. Meanwhile, we understood better why domestic cars could not be produced in this country until now. Using local additives in Ankara metro kazanIt should be valid for all projects. When you look at it today, the 'Domestic Goods Purchase Law' is still in effect in the USA. If a country at the top of the world economy still shows sensitivity on this issue, it must be indispensable for a country like ours.”

Source: Haberciniz

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