Can Bursa high-speed trains start in 2016?

Can the train to Bursa start in 2016
Can the train to Bursa start in 2016

Can Bursa high-speed trains start in 2016?
2015-2016 was announced as the target of the high-speed train, where the foundation of the Bursa Station was laid and the tunnel construction continues. However, after the Bursa-Yenişehir construction, there is a signaling tender. Yenişehir-Bilecik has not yet reached the tender stage.
Last week atma The high-speed train had a groundbreaking ceremony at the Bursa Station in Balat. At the ceremony, especially the Minister of Transport, Binali Yildirim and TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman, in their speeches, they announced the high-speed train for Bursa:
“This line will end in 2015.
During the week we left behind, there were members of parliament who gave the good news that "the high-speed train will start carrying passengers in 2016".
Said on ...
More precisely, it is the decision-making mechanisms that make this target the most important, of course, we believe. Bursa wants railroad for years and is waiting for the train. It can wait until 2016.
So what…
When we look at the technical dimension of the work, we see that there is a more worrying process ahead of us.
It's not the money. The low budget is not accepted as a measure for such investments. Transfer of appropriations during the year can be solved with the transition from other funds called budget technique.
That's not a problem.
The problem is:
The ongoing work is considered as a high-speed train infrastructure work in the tender timetable. I mean, it's the construction phase. Tunnel and bridge productions, especially the rails will pass through this route.
After that…
There is a tender for the superstructure or signaling system to ensure the operation of the high-speed train. Power lines, electronic hardware, security is all in it.
This requires a separate auction.
This is what we say in Bursa-Yenişehir. The project work is not over yet. It is said that the line that will bring the high speed train from Bilecik to Yenisehir will come to the tender stage after New Year.
Of course, the rapid progress of tunnel construction is pleasing. That construction will be over, the tracks will be laid. Then the signaling tender will be launched and electronic hardware will be installed. Parallel to this, Yenişehir-Bilecik stage will begin and walk.
Until the 2015 or 2016, the Bursa-Yenisehir stage may be over. But the post doesn't seem so easy.
The end of Bursa-Yenişehir stage does not mean much. After connecting to Bilecik and not reaching Ankara or Istanbul there is no point in taking the fast train from Bursa to Yenişehir.
It would be a very upscale investment.
Even so…
When we are asked, we all know how great things can be done in a short time. But, when we look at our high-speed train processes, we feel that we need to be a little more patient.

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