99 percent of Kars-Baku-Tbilisi railway project is completed

99 percent of the Kars-Baku-Tbilisi railway project has been completed. The line, which will be opened this year, will be able to transport 1 million passengers per year.
Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia is close to its end of Kars railway which will connect the railway line Baku-Tbilisi-network.
The railway line, 99 percent of which has been completed, will be opened this year and the first trains will be put into service. After the project is completed, 1 million passengers and 6.5 million tons of cargo will be transported annually in the first phase.
About 10 years ago, 99 percent of the direct railway link Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project aims to establish between Georgia and Turkey from the agenda has been completed. Approximate cost $ 500 million and 295 million dollars of Turkey's 105-kilometer railway line that meets, the construction of 76 kilometers of the border between Georgia and Kars, Turkey realized.
section that performs the construction of Turkey, according to double infrastructure was being built as a single parent done, while Georgia has received from Azerbaijan a $ 200 million loan to building a new line for about 30 kilometers until Ahilkelek from the border with Turkey and the existing 160-kilometer railway is also reworking. When the project is implemented,
Central Asia via Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan railway passing-sea combined transport is expected to connect the Mediterranean and Europe. With the project, 1 million passengers and 6.5 million tons of cargo can be transported annually at the first stage. In 2034, it is planned to carry 3 million passengers and 17 million tons of cargo per year on the line.

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