70 kilometers of Izmir Odemis renewed railway line 90 day

70 kilometers of Izmir Odemis renewed railway line 90 day
Imagine two ropes spaced about 145 centimeters to which your life depends. These ropes are not cotton, but steel. 1 meter weight is 40,05 kilogram, 1 centimeter 22.5 tone is riding.
Meters of the length of the train, thousands of passengers, tons of loads on these steel strands come on a commute. In the first years of the Republic of Turkey in the first years of the Republic of Izmir between the first lines of the Izmir-Ödemiş line between the north-west line of the victims to be not victimized after the completion of the last time, most of the time the temperature falls below zero, rain, frost is incomplete in the 70 day was completed. A record was also broken during this construction, which was rarely seen in the history of railway construction. Every night over a thousand meters of rail was installed.
Wheel 24 rotating clock
Railroads are a difficult and dangerous job in the world. Line maintenance repair department has a different difficulty. Two iron castors working on the two iron bars must be on the rails, on the nuts and on the crossbars of the eyes of the road maintenance personnel for the 24 clock rotation. YOLDER (Railway Construction and Operating Association Solidarity and Solidarity and Solidarity and Solidarity and Solidarity and Solidarity Association) President Özden Polat's statement that the 9 hours overtime and 24 hours ready to work, no people working on the road without rheumatism. Because it is not to freeze, cold or sweat; open path, completion of work priority. Every day starts with excitement like the first day of the profession. Every meter of the kilometers controlled by the footsteps are trying to start as if the first meter was walking, and the thousands of screws holding the rails were the first screw that was squeezed. Most of the time children fall asleep while waiting for their father, spouses enter the bed without a husband, in short, the family lives in the house is longing for his father.

Assurance name assurance
At the bottom of the road maintenance and repair department, which is responsible for the infrastructure of the railway, there is a road maintenance manager at the top. He's got the road sergeant, the marshal, the road maintenance repair guy. Every road keeper on the back of the footboard is the responsibility of the 20 kilometer section of the foot is checking. He controls the screws, the nuts, the sleepers, and even the trains that pass by. He fixes the repair with hand tools, tells the sergeant a way above him that he can't repair it. He can stop the train in a dangerous situation. This process, which has been made for the safety of the road and which has been checked repeatedly in each level, comes to the road maintenance manager. After the road manager's guarantee, however, the train can move. YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat said, Pol No road will be opened to traffic. The collateral means that the train can travel safely. We work in the service industry. Our responsibility is huge. The slightest mistake could lead to the emergence of damages that could not fit into the imagination, and the burners to be extinguished. With the awareness of this, we do our best, we create from nothing. We are all doing this job lovingly, we do not complain about the negativity of the conditions for what we love. Then someone says, 'If you're going to complain, why do you do it?'

They saw the Sun 4 hours
Thousands of people connected to the life of steel ropes road workers to the engineer, the road guard working from the head of the maintenance and repair manager 77 personality was completed as a result of three teams feverish work. In the darkness of the night, the road machine resembled a beast, and the workers who had tightened the screws resembled fireflies. In another part of the road, another team renewed the path by pouring the ray source of a thousand 500 degrees. Here insert the female soul for the renewal of the line in Izmir, despair not know what it is, his does not complain because he loves the business, in particular the person 77 working by day and night, one thousand 300 finds railroad maintenance fleeting tale of staff in Turkey:
At the beginning of the story, the last train arrives at Ödemiş Station. When the foot is taken from the rails, it starts with a very strong, flawless view and no one is aware of it. The giant 350 meter machines, the road construction materials to carry the locomotives and wagons are entering even. It's almost surgery. The line is cut like a living organism, mowing, filling, prosthesis implants, organ transplantation if necessary, life continues in the morning as if nothing had happened. Employees work, the peasant market, the student goes to school by train.

They only rested for 6 days
Izmir-Ödemiş line 13 October 2012'ye said that the renewal of the President of YOLDER Özden Polat, 90 three time as a team during the day worked at night, he said. Polat, çalışıy We work between the last time and the first time. We're going home in the early morning. This was a very difficult process for us. And when we think we were waking up at noon 13.00 when we came in winter, we only saw the sun at 4 hours per day. Literally our night was literally night. During this time, 77 worked as a part of a team of people shifts. The 13 person has never changed. The whole team only made six days off. He also breaks the feast. O
Özden Polat stated that there were many firsts during this study. This is a record in the history of Turkey. All the staff have worked hard and the way 7 will be inaugurated for the new train to be commissioned in January. Tüm

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