45 x 90 Sigma Profile Light Series

The use of sigma profiles in preferred profile products is quite common in terms of strength and durability. Thanks to its special form, it can perform effectively even under high power. In general, while such products are preferred, the use of materials in as light form as possible is preferred. One of the most used products according to this 45 × 90 sigma profile It is. Although it performs more effectively than smaller sizes, it is also used in smaller scale projects by taking part in light series and these products can be used in a wide range of areas with different features.
45 90 Sigma Profile in Standard Form
In addition to the light series, heavy series products are also produced for different projects among the profiles, which continue to be produced in order to take the weight as much as possible on the structure and create light but durable areas, and are used intensely in the projects. Among these, 45 × 90 sigma profile heavy series products are preferred in places that can be under much more power. These profiles, which are common in the bodies and main connection points of machines, are also frequently used by manufacturer companies in conveyor bodies and chassis constructions.

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