TCDD will make the most investments among SEEs in 2013 (Special News)

State Economic Enterprises (SEE) will invest 9 billion 996 million 575 thousand liras this year. The most investor will be TCDD with 4 billion 700 million liras. The investment allowance allocated for SEEs, which was 2012 billion 8 million 474 thousand liras in 436, is expected to reach 9 billion 996 million 575 thousand liras this year. Thus, this year, the investment allowance of SEEs will increase by 18 percent.
This year, TCDD will make the highest investment among SEEs, as it was last year. TCDD is expected to invest 4 billion 700 million liras this year. TCDD followed by more investments this year will make the kits, 1 billion 230 million pounds Turkey Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) and the General Directorate of Electricity Generation Co. will be 970 million pounds.
This year, the General Directorate of Turkey Electricity Transmission million pounds 680, 600 million pounds BOTAŞ General Directorate, General Directorate of State Airports Authority 450 million pounds, Eti Mine Works General Directorate will invest 305 million pounds.
Agricultural Enterprises General Directorate 250 million this year, pounds, Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) 179 million pounds, PTT 140 million pounds, Turkey Coal Enterprises (TKI) General Directorate will perform 131,8 million pounds of investment.
According to the sectoral breakdown of the investments, 2013 percent of the SEE investments in 74 will be transportation-communication and energy investments. During this year, 5 billion 903 million lira investment is foreseen for transportation and communication, while 1 billion 626 million lira will be invested in the mining sector. Energy, with 1 billion 502 million liras, 585
100 million manufacturing with a thousand pounds, with 336 20 million pounds million pounds agriculture and housing and 24 400 thousand million pounds
social investments for public services will follow.
On the other hand, 789 million 934 thousand TL investment allowance was allocated for SEEs to be privatized this year. The 2012 allowance was at the level of 602 million 492 thousand liras. TEDAŞ was the institution with the highest investment allowance this year from the SEEs included in the privatization scope, with 710 million lira. With 41 million 694 thousand TL, BAŞKENT Doğalgaz Dağıtım AŞ, with 31 million TL
Turkey Sugar Factories Inc., General Directorate of the General Directorate of Property Inc. 4 million pounds, followed by 3 million pounds Turkey General Directorate of Maritime Business. Sümer Holding AŞ will invest 200 thousand pounds this year and ADÜAŞ will invest in 40 thousand pounds.

Source: Investments

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