2013 will be the year of the rail system and roads

2013 will be the year of the rail system and roads
Binali Yıldırım, 2013 Marmaray, Ankara-Istanbul YHT and Ankara Metro are planned to be completed for a long time will be completed projects, while Istanbul, 3. Airport, 3. He stated that the bridge and Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway Project will start. Lightning, bin 3 844 2013 mileage will be the year of hot asphalt, “he said.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim said that the 2013 project, which was started in 434, will continue, the 102 project will start and the 111 project will be completed. Lightning, 2013, MARMARAY, Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) and long-planned Ankara Metro projects will be completed, while giving the good news to Istanbul, 3. Airport, 3. He stated that the bridge and Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway Project will start. Yildirim talked about the 2013 targets during his visit to Hürriyet Ankara Bureau.
Binali Yildirim stated that the length of the divided road crossed the 22 thousand 200 kilometers and said: N In 2012, we made a new split road close to a thousand kilometers. Our highway reached the 2 thousand 236 kilometers. 2003-2012 13 thousand 834 miles between the hot-coating asphalt construction and repair. 2013 will be the year of hot asphalt on the roads, 3 are planning to pour the hot asphalt on the 844 thousand miles. All roads will be like the highway. Again Ovit expects Turkey's decades in 2012, Life, Broken, Salmankaş, we have laid the foundation of the longest tunnel in our country as Ilgaz Mountain. We've made our paths smarter. We launched the Fast Pass System, which will close the KGS period. KG
Binali Yıldırım, who praised the Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya YHTs, explained his interesting memory: üyle A married couple from Ankara on IZI complained to me. 'My life was at the top. My wife's parents used to come on holidays once a year. Now 'The groom we come to breakfast. Prepare to 'seek. Dear Minister, why did you open this YHT, a humorous site found. I will never forget this incident. Bu
Binali Yildirim said k These provinces will connect 2023 with high speed trains until the 15 year with the core network they have created by taking the capital to the center. “These provinces are: Manisa and Izmir.
Completed at 2013
Istanbul-Ankara YHT inaugurates
We aim to complete Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train (YHT) at 29 October 2013. From Ankara to Istanbul, you can go in uninterrupted 3 hours. While there is no YHT, 8 of Eskişehir-Ankara travels by rail, while 73 rates are at the moment. Increased interest in railroad, love. According to many other countries, the high-speed train is also cheaper and we want to increase the demand for the railway.
Marmaray ends
Marmaray, 150 annual imagination. And this is happening. Istanbul is a very special project to breathe public transport. A project to complement the ring of the historical Silk Road.
Ankara subway okay
We took a very big path in Ankara Metro. We are planning to open Kızılay-Çayyolu and Batıkent-Sincan lines on 2 October 2014, which will be completed in 29 year and will be completed in the second month of 2013.
Projects to start at 2013
3. Based on the bridge will be thrown
We continue the construction of the Istanbul ediy Izmir Highway in both directions. 3 within the scope of Northern Marmara Highway Project. We have implemented the bridge project. We will lay the foundation on 2013.
3. Auctions to be made
3. The airport will be among the world's first 4 major airports. In 2013 we will make the auction. The first cut in 2017 will be opened.
Continue to new projects
We will complete many important projects in Salihli-Gölmarmara-Akhisar Road, Düzce-Zonguldak Road, Nurdağı-Islahiye-Cilvegözü Border Gate Road and Samsun-Sinop Road in 2013. We are planning to complete the infrastructure works of Çandarlı Port in 2013 and to start the superstructure works in 2013 year. We are planning to go to the tender of the port of Filyos in the 2013. Development Plan approved.
Investigating allegations
BAKAN Lightning, Şile'da ship crash occurred in the coastal security teams lost their lives and the team also responded to allegations of pressure. Yıldırım said,, At sea, there is a universal rule in the air. The final word is captain. No matter what the risk, danger, whatever the captain says, the captain will say the last word. If he's in danger, he shouldn't go if he's worried. The right to life is the most sacred right. Yaşam Yildirim said: i The sinking ship didn't even have time to give the SOS signal. When the radar disappeared, one of the boats noticed and saved the 5 from the sea by going to the Black Sea. Then instead of the accident Şile closer, not a waste of time this boat is gone. Both the judicial and administrative investigations continue. Our Accident Inspection and Research Board is working. The prosecution's investigating. Istanbul Harbor Master is conducting administrative investigations. All claims will be investigated. Bütün
Contractors need to dust
MINISTER Binali Yildirim, the construction of roads with contractors who meet at regular intervals and when they are asked to hear the warnings of serious warnings about delivering their work on time, ın Yes, we are meeting. We are following. We want the projects to end on time. From time to time, I need to take the dust of the contractors. Zaman

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