Railway Transportation Ratio in Turkish Export Percentage 1

Railway Transportation Ratio in Turkish Export Percentage 1
Great Anatolia Logistics Organizations (BALO) he Here General Manager Hüseyin land in Turkey, sea, and it is common air transport, while rail transport noting that remained 1 percent, "$ 500 billion export target difficult to reach with this transport system." said.
An information meeting was held about BALO, hosted by Bursa Organized Industrial Zone and Bursa Organized Industrial Zone Industrialists and Businessmen Association. Speaking at the meeting, the General Manager of BALO, Hereermiş, gave the following information: “Considering the transportation literatures of developed countries, based on the fact that the acceptable types of transportation are in the form of sea, train, land and air, the BALO project is the result of various research and studies conducted between 2006-2010. developed in line. The reason why railway transportation is economical, safe, environmentally friendly compared to other transportation models and the European Union's sanctions in this direction has emerged as a result of these researches.
Turkey in rail freight of he Here is expressing Hussein left behind by Europe, he continued: "The total export of transport, about 52 percent sea route we examine the share of transport model, leaving us against 40 per cent by road and 7 percent, air transport, the railways We saw that the rate was only 1 percent. It is difficult to reach the 500 billion dollar export target with this transportation system. In its current form, it is necessary to make an estimated 2023 billion Euros investment in sea, land and air transportation in order to reach the 65 target. This means extra kilometers of roads, dozens of ports and airports, but it also means more fuel use, carbon emissions and much more economic burden. Therefore, it is necessary to attach importance to the railroad, which is more environmentally friendly and less costly. "
Emphasizing that the goal of BALO is to make the railway the dynamo of Turkish exports, Isermiş continued his words as follows: “Providing the products of Turkish exporters to international markets more economically with railway transportation, which is an efficient, environmentally friendly, punctual and modern transportation system among the existing export routes and We aim to leave a livable world to future generations. Collecting freight from Anatolia by rail, creating a new route that crosses the Marmara Sea between Bandırma and Tekirdağ by Train Ferry, as an alternative to the old railway route from Anatolia, which is currently used, crossing the Bosphorus and reaching Europe, Starting scheduled block train services from 10 different points in XNUMX different points is that the containers that provide more load carrying opportunity will be used for transportation.

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