Zonguldak train station shopkeepers in difficult situation

Zonguldak train station shopkeepers in difficult situation
Zonguldak Zonguldak railway station tradesmen were in a difficult situation after the State Railways stopped train services for maintenance. He demanded the help of the authorities, saying that their work was broken. Railway maintenance will last two years, artisans, shopkeepers said that no one in front of the shops.
After TCDD stopped the trains between Zonguldak and Ankara, the tradesmen of Zonguldak train station said that their business was disrupted and asked the authorities for help on the issue as soon as possible. Stating that 8 months have passed since the cancellation of the train services, the tradesmen stated that they were victims. The Head of the Station Taxi Station, Ömer Bakır, said, “We have been in a very bad situation since we are a train dependent stop. Not only us, but all the tradesmen here are in a position to suffer. If there are 30-40 shops here, 7-8 of them are left empty in the shops. The authorities did not give any information on the matter. This railway has been closed for 8 months and has been working. But they say it will take 2 more years. No official from the station directorate comes here and you are in a difficult situation, let's make a small discount on your rents or no one commented on not getting any rent until the railways open. We are in a very difficult situation as Zonguldak train station tradesmen. High speed train is necessary for us, but when it is made between Karabük and Ankara, it should be open between Gökçebey and Zonguldak. If the tradesmen are not victims, the incoming and outgoing passengers should not be a victim. When it snows, we will see between Filyos Türkali. There is no accident on icy snowy roads. All officials need to address this issue as soon as possible. Some tradesmen close their shutters before they can make siftah. Since we are on the train, this problem must be resolved as soon as possible ”.
Restaurant shop owner Selahattin Yavuz said, ise We are having a hard time after the train services are removed from here. The train was very helpful to us here. There are no trains since Ramadan. 2 says the train will not come. This is not the right person. We run business here. Artisans live in hard times. There are those who closed the trolley. We've been unable to cover our daily expenses. We want the authorities to find a cure. Let's start the train expedition. Regionally, some may be operated. It was very helpful to us, Bize he said.

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