High Speed ​​Train will not stop in Izmit

High Speed ​​Train will not stop in Izmit
Izmit was introduced to the train by the end of 19 century. While Haydarpasa-Baghdad Railway Line was being constructed, an elegant gar building was built in Izmit, the first important stop after Istanbul. We have been using the railway line built by German famous company Siemens for nearly 130 years. Haydarpasa Train Station is the symbol of Istanbul. We saved Izmit Station with a nice restoration work. Until recently, Izmit was known as “the city that passed through the train İzmit. In 2000, while we were removing the rails from the city, we took a souvenir photo.
But the train's fate has not changed. After meeting with the beach, Izmit was once again the sonra city with train passing through Sahil.
Now, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) will pass through Izmit, but High Speed ​​Train will not stop in Izmit
For this purpose, a feverish work is being carried out between Köseköy and Gebze. The contractor cuts out all the trees in front of him. It is planned to establish a quarry in Maşukiye and to provide gravel to the railway construction. The reaction of the environmentalists, AKP officials do not care at all, this work is 'national issue', they say, support the quarry.
After all this fissures, you will see that the quarry will be established in Maşukiye. In the construction of the road, the contractor will not hesitate to cut every tree in front of him and maybe there will be many negativities that are not in account.
High Speed ​​Train is planned to be put into service on 29 October 2013 between Ankara and Istanbul. If we grow up and we live and see it, we may have a very big surprise. According to the rumors, after all this, the High Speed ​​Train will not stop in Izmit.
Only in Izmit?
High Speed ​​Train, Ankara-Istanbul, except Eskişehir, will not stop at any station.
Currently, Ankara-Eskişehir and the Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Train does not stop at any station. Only once or twice a day in Sincan and Polatlı.
It will be recalled. The State Railways had very ambitious, comfortable and fast expressions in recent years. The most luxurious of the capital and Fatih Ekspresleri stop in Izmit, transit to our carriage. Here, none of the High Speed ​​Trains will stop in Izmit, and will go away. Just like in the movie, 'Band of Salute'. The carpets will be laid, the marching march will be played, but the train will pass under the confused glances of the inhabitants of Selamsız İzmit.
And we are going to go to Adapazari and Istanbul with the poor quality train journeys as we used to go to Izmit, Adapazari Express, and we will continue to come to Istanbul.

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