YHT Accelerates Tourism

YHT High Speed ​​Train, which was put into service on the Ankara-Eskişehir line, has accelerated Eskişehir in many areas from tourism to social life.
about 4 years ago in Turkey, first opened in Ankara-Eskisehir line of High Speed ​​Train (YHT), the industry trade Eskişehir, reportedly accelerate from tourism in many areas of social life.
Tbmm National Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Commission President and AK Party deputy Eskisehir. Dr. Nabi Avcı, told AA correspondent,
“After starting High Speed ​​Train services, the domestic tourism potential of Eskişehir was affected significantly and positively. He also caused a heavy traffic to start from Eskişehir to Ankara, from Ankara to Eskişehir and from Ankara to Eskişehir to our surrounding provinces ”.
Turkey's reminiscent of the first time begins between Eskisehir-Ankara YHT Hunter, Ankara and Eskişehir yht'y environment as well as the citizens of the province said that intensive use.
- "The roads open their own ways" -
Avcı reminded the words “Roads open their own ways” and continued as follows:
“In other words, the road investment made in one place automatically calls additional investments after a while. Eskişehir-Ankara High Speed ​​Train is experiencing a similar process. He made serious contributions to the cultural geography of Eskişehir. He started to make arrangements for himself to host his guests from Ankara, especially from Eskişehir, and neighboring cities. Our shopkeepers adapted to this issue in a very short time. Eskişehir is also a university city. Therefore, YHT added interesting features to the demography of the city, such as those working in Eskişehir, those working in Ankara, those who worked in Ankara and lived in Eskişehir, those who worked in Eskişehir and lived in Ankara. ”
Noting that there are also YHT sets to be used between Eskişehir and Konya, Avcı said, “Eskişehir-Konya high speed train services will also start operating. I believe that this will contribute positively to the dynamics of Eskişehir and Konya as much as Ankara-Eskişehir flights. We see it. Hopefully, from October 29, 2013, the Eskişehir-Istanbul High Speed ​​Line will start operating. Thus, Ankara, Eskişehir, Eskişehir-İstanbul high-speed train line will bring very meaningful innovations to the social, cultural and commercial life of Eskişehir, Istanbul and Ankara. ”
- “Travel time is the biggest reason for passengers” -
Eskişehir Train Station Manager Süleyman Hilmi Özer said that the number of passengers of YHT, which was put into service between Eskişehir and Ankara in March 2009, is increasing day by day.
Expressing that citizens love YHT very much, Özer continued as follows:
“Currently, 1,5 hour travel time between Eskişehir and Ankara has become the biggest reason of choice for passengers. At the same time, being safe and providing the comfort of the aircraft to our passengers are important factors. We have 20 daily trips between YHT and Eskişehir-Ankara. There are also YHT flights from Ankara to Konya. We also have high-speed train connections to Kütahya. We do combined highway transportation to Bursa. Here, passengers are transferred to YHT with buses full. Currently, Bursa-Ankara, which is 6 hours by road, has decreased to 4 hours thanks to the High Speed ​​Train. Now, people come and go to Eskişehir in groups. The increase of tour and guidance companies is another indication of this. ”
-The capital city-
Providing service between Ankara and Eskişehir, YHT attracted intense visitors from Ankara, Bursa, Konya and neighboring provinces. It has increased the interest of local tourists from many cities to Eskişehir.
Eskişehir, which is preparing to celebrate the double capital as “Turkish World Cultural Capital in 2013” ​​and Unesco's “Intangible Cultural Heritage World Capital”, is expected to significantly increase the number of visitors coming with the completion of the YHT Ankara-Istanbul line.
In addition, Eskişehir has experienced mobility between October and June and has become an alternative route for those interested in cultural tourism.
While YHT facilitates access to Eskişehir, the improvement of the connection roads of the city with the surrounding cities such as “Istanbul, Bursa, Kütahya”, the curvy roads, dead-end streets, wooden adorned, adjacent regular bay windows, which are the best examples of 19th century architecture. Those who visit the Historical Odunpazarı Houses, Meerschaum and Cartoon museums are interested in Atlıhan Handicraft Bazaar where there are workplaces where meerschaum is processed and sold.
Kurşunlu Külliyesi, one of the oldest buildings of the city, is one of the places that attracted great interest.
- “The opportunity to see the first Turkish licensed car Revolution…” -
Tourists coming to Sazova Science, Art and Culture Park, where the Pirate Ship and Fairy Tale Castle are located, visit the Contemporary Glass Arts, City Memory, Republic History, Eti Archeology and Aviation museums in the region after a train tour.
Local tourists, who pass to Kentpark, one of the biggest parks of Eskişehir, can see the artificial beach where the locals enjoy the sea, and enjoy the taste of the city's traditional flavor.
Tourists touring the boat and gondola pass in Porsuk Stream, which is reminiscent of Venetian canals in Eskişehir, after a boat trip, walk around Porsuk and have a coffee and coffee break in cafes.
Visitors can also go to Waterfall Park for a bird's-eye view of the city. Seyit Battalgazi Tomb, Yazılıkaya, Han underground city and Anatolia's second largest Armenian church in Sivrihisar'daki Holy Yerortutyun also visiting tourists, the first made through the efforts of Turkish engineers in Eskisehir, Turkey licensed automobile revolution in Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry AŞ
Passengers can find the opportunity to see TÜLOMSAŞ.
Local tourists who also benefit from baths with healing thermal waters have the opportunity to see places like the Japanese Garden and the Island of Love.
Visitors also have the opportunity to taste products such as “çörek, belly, boza, okra soup and halva” known as Eskişehir cuisine.

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