A ceremony was signed between the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and CNR.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and the world's number one railway transportation companies in the People's Republic of China's CNR signage ceremony was signed between the company. 5 tram, which will start to be manufactured with signature ceremony in Samsun Transport General Directorate (Samulaş), will cost 7.5 million euros and some will be delivered at the end of 2013.
The first light rail system of the Black Sea, which was launched two years ago, cannot reach the need for passenger capacity at this time. The 16 tramway from Italy, which is used for tram transport, has decided to increase the tram fleet due to excessive intensity. 25 won the tender for the purchase of 5 light rail vehicles in September. His team came to Samsun, the company's General Manager. Yu Weiping and Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz signed the protocol and started the manufacturing process.
Samulaş General Manager Sefer Arlı, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Kenan Şara, the company's technical staff and mechanics participating in the signing ceremony attended by Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yilmaz, 5 tram to the number of vehicles by the rail system will go to 21, he said. Believing that they trust the Chinese companies and that they will produce the tools with the latest technology, Yilmaz said, ler New vehicles have brought necessity due to increasing passenger demand and capacity. 14 contract 42 meters 5 more than a month after the train convoy will come. But our Chinese friends are hard-working, productive. 14 will deliver in less than a month. I hope that now we have better quality, aesthetics and hope that the public will love these new trains more. Lah He said.
Reminding that they will extend the route in the east-west direction in the coming years, Mayor Yılmaz stated that CNR would become the preferred company in the process of increasing the train fleet. CNW General Manager Yu Weiping said that they will strictly comply with the contract, specifications, commitments, maintenance, repair and supply of spare parts and services. Dr. “We congratulate you on the courage you have shown. We are a company established in 1881. 8 manufactures various kinds of rail vehicles, we export rail system vehicles to 20 country on every continent of the world. We are one of the best companies in the world. We signed many firsts and records. Even one of them broke the record by reaching the speed of 487,3 km. We will consider the chance given to you in the best way. We will give the best service to Samsun with our long years of experience. A
After the signing ceremony, CNR General Manager Weiping gave information to President Yilmaz by presenting a model of the tram model.

Source: Pirsus News



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