Mashukiye Stone Quarry Who Should not be Politicians Who?

Mashukiye Stone Quarry Who Should not be Politicians Who?
High Speed ​​Train Project The stones needed for the project, which will reduce the transportation between Istanbul and Ankara to 2,5 hours, are wanted to be removed with the quarry to be built in the tourism region of Kartepe. For the project, which is planned to be completed on October 29, 2013, the people of the region oppose the construction of a quarry by cutting the trees in the completely wooded region.
The line between İnönü and Köseköy of the line, which was put into service in Ankara-Eskişehir in 2009, continues. The 56 km section between Köseköy and Gebze is completely replaced and renewed. According to the ministry information, about 20 percent of the project, which is completed, is planned to meet 2 million cubic meters of stone from the Maşukiye Quarry which will be newly created in Maşukiye.
The planned land is completely wooded. The people of the environment are against the transformation of this area, which was formed in many years, into a quarry. Metropolitan Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu said that the quarry will be closed after the need is met; and that this area will be reforested; He has repeatedly stated that this is his "guarantee".
Removing this need from the quarries already installed in other regions is not considered because it will “increase the cost”. However, the Mayor, when calculating this "cost", reconstruct the forest land there; it is kept out of the "cost calculation" as it takes its current form.
The actions of the people of the region on the issue are reflected in the local press. People and environmentalists say they will use their legal rights until the end. However, due to the changes in the referendum; there is no legal step in this regard. Right now, the activists are constantly on guard in the area.
Response to Maşukiye Stone Quarry is as follows:
-Kocaeli AK Party Member of Parliament Sibel Gönül; He explained that he was against the quarry with the words “We do not want a dagger to be inserted into our bosom”.
- Kartepe Municipal Council Member Bülent Sarı, CHP member, Sibel Gönül, AKP Kocaeli Deputyün taş ocağına karşı çıkmasını taktir ettiğini ifade ederek,Kartepehe said. Sarı, or We are fooling all of us with the speeches that will not become Maşukiye, which is a tourism area. Against the Maşukiye Stone Quarry, we must show the same reaction of Sakarya as the Kartepe Assembly. M
Orhan Bayramin, President of Kartepe Tourism Association, said, “Now take a good look at these forests, trees and beautiful nature. "If the project is realized, you will not be able to see them again." We could not get a definite answer about how 2 million cubic meters of stone will be taken, but how to return this nature after this stone is taken. The table is clear. "The picture we can imagine is obvious."
- The President of the Western Black Sea Environment Platform, Oktay Karaman, said, "The authorities say these hearths are in the public interest, claiming their transportation costs. There are also those who are convinced at first glance. However, social cost calculation is not made with such simple arithmetic. Citizens are trying to be deceived with a simple cost calculation. Those who believe in law, justice and equality must see these demands. ”
-explosive matter experts who destroyed Environmental Platform of Turkey Sakarya Representative Kamuran Tan, said that the governor's authority to use explosives 670 weight to these quarries.
-Maşukiye Soguksu District Headman Zulkuf Abayd, stressing that everyone holds the governor Ercan Topaca responsible, said, Muh Governor Bey is the state's official. What should be the real reaction should be the names chosen by this city. Everyone says the instruction came from Ankara. Then he should evacuate the authorities, Transport Minister Binali Yildirim manage this city. Do they know how many tons of fruits a year are produced here? We support our deputy and our citizen Sibel Gönül until the end, Millet he said.
-Yanıkköy Headman Sibel Baykal also said, “This work is not finished. We are ready to use our legal rights to the fullest. This is our place, we will not let the quarry. ”
- Sami Toktaş, Vice President of Agricultural Development Cooperative, is angry at the quarry. Toktaş said: tarım With the opening of this quarry, they will break our green, nature, agriculture and water. Water's gonna get dirty. Here, apples, pears, cherries, walnuts are produced. In our cold storage only 6 thousand tons of fruit is stored. The resignation of Abdullah Öztürk, who is a very valuable bureaucrat who gives us a lot of support in agriculture, is a great loss for us. Çok
Explaining that he was against this project, the Provincial Director of Agriculture Abdullah Öztürk, who declared that he would not sign an EIA report, expressed his reservations and points of opposition in writing and then resigned from his post.
Kartepeli politicians explaining that they are against the Quarry;
Sibel Gonul: AK Party deputy from Kocaeli. Gönül also Kartepe Maşukiyeli
Haydar Akar: CHP Kocaeli Deputy. Derbentli, a town adjacent to Maşukiye in Akar
Fahim Kılıç: Chairman of the Provincial Assembly
Bülent Sarı: CHP President of Kartepe District
Hüseyin Yazıcı: General Assembly Member
Cevdet Çepil: Saadet Party Kartepe District President
Cemil Altınkaya: Kartepe City Council Member
Ersoy İpek: Saadet Party Head of Kartepe Promotion
In addition to these reactions; In the report prepared by the Istanbul University Faculty of Fisheries experts, who went to the region upon request from Yanıkköy, and examined the quarry in the Yanık Village, which is planned to be opened for use in the Kocaeli-Sakarya section of the Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train, It was claimed that it would harm Sapanca Lake and the creatures living in the lake.
The delegation of the Department of Inland Water Biology, upon the request of the village headman of Yanıkköy, came to the village on October 5 and made investigations in the region regarding the quarry planned to be opened. Explaining the results of the examination and analysis in the region, the university has a very low flow of water due to seasonal conditions, but according to the Water Quality Regulation of the Water Quality according to the “1. class water ”. The report stated that the quarry in Yanık Village, which is supposed to be opened, will damage Sapanca Lake, said the following:
'As a result of the activities of the quarry in Yanıkköy, the total amount of solid matter will increase and the quality of the water will decrease. It was determined that the materials extracted from the quarry in Yanıkköy, whose work was stopped, were poured into the river bed. During the rainy periods, these materials will erode and reach the stream bed and from there to the lake. This will affect the water quality of the drinking water basin, Sapanca Lake and Yanık Creek. These materials poured into the stream bed; In this region, water-borne creatures, all-nosed cephalopods, stone bites, freshwater cholesterol, bitter fish, freshwater kefali, creek will cause damage in the breeding and feeding areas of nine-eyed fish. It is also likely to damage the freshwater mussels, which are important species for rivers and lake ecosystems, because they feed the water and cleans the waters. Ayrıca
The report also stated that the quarry in Yanıkköy is 100 meters from the stream bed. There are no activities that will cause pollution and decrease in the amount of water within the drinking and potable water resources and in the basin, where this situation is located in the absolute protection areas of the 0-100 meters distance of Adasu Drinking Water Basins Protection Regulation. It cannot engage in any activities that may lead to a decrease in water efficiency and a disruption of the regime ”and in these moments in its 5th article," Soil, stone, sand, clay and mine quarry etc. it cannot be opened and operated ”, and the activities to be carried out in the basin will have negative effects on water quality.

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