What brought the world's longest high-speed train line?

What brought the world's longest high-speed train line
The world's longest high-speed train line is in operation? In which cities will this line operate? How far away? What will be the maximum speed? We explain in our article.
In our country, the high-speed train lines, which have recently started to be invested, have been one of the favorite transportation vehicles in the world for quite a long time. In this context, especially in Far Eastern countries, serious resources are allocated. The Chinese government has also increased the resource allocated in this focus recently. The last high speed train line is a good example of this.
The length of the high-speed train line that will connect China's Bejing with the cities of Guangzhou 2298,14km. The average speed of a car with a minimum of 20 hours will be reduced by almost a third of the journey of high-speed trains. With the new voyages, the 7 hour will be the speed of the 300km speed expressing the average speed of the train.
The construction of the high-speed train lines, which has been employed by employing more than 100.000 workers, is being supported by the Chinese government on the grounds of increasing employment. This face of the medallion is bright, but we don't see a nice table when we turn it around. China's fast train technology has been harshly criticized all over the world. Because China's high-speed train accidents in China annually average 70.000 is losing its lives.

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