International Railways Association Meets in Paris

International Union of Railways Gathered in Paris
The Executive Board and 81st General Assembly meetings of the International Railways Association (UIC), which is the largest organization in the world to develop cooperation between railways, to which our organization is a member, were held on 11-12 December 2012 in Paris, the capital of France. Deputy General Manager İsmet Duman and Head of Foreign Relations Department İbrahim Halil Çevik attended the meeting representing TCDD. In the meeting covering all areas related to the development of railway transportation; activities of regional boards, revision of UIC chips, technical cooperation agreement with ISO, global activities of the International Railways Association and 2013 UIC general and regional budgets were discussed.
Founded in 1922 International Railways Association, 2012 has been established as a subsidiary of 90. celebrates the year. It is located in central Paris and attracts attention with its more than 200 members, leading to the development of railways. UIC's top organs; the General Assembly and 21 members, where all the members are represented. Chairman and General Manager of TCDD Süleyman Karaman has been serving as the Chairman of the Middle East Regional Board since 2007.

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