Uludag rebelled the ropeway agencies

Uludag rebelled the ropeway agencies
Russian tourists in Uludag Christmas, an important winter tourism centers of Turkey will flock.
Bookings in hotels will be filled before the New Year, while operators will organize special programs for tourists. Hundreds of Russian tourists who prefer Uludağ to celebrate New Year will create colorful images at the summit. At the summit, where the snow thickness reaches 90 centimeters, there is a Russian influx of tourists this season.
Hundreds of tourists will be able to distinguish their bookings from the days before and will enjoy spending the year in Uludağ. Due to the beginning of the year, the hotels in the first and second regions are all full.
TÜRSAB South Marmara Executive Committee Chairman Mehmet Akkuş stated that Russian tourists preferred Uludağ this year and many reservations were made especially from European countries. Unlike many ski resort of Uludag in Turkey Akkus indicating that the unprofitable spend Christmas, "the best advertising this year was held in the Middle East. Thousands of tourists are waiting for Uludag. This year, Uludağ will be a favorite. Bu
Within the framework of New Year's package programs, the hotel's overnight accommodation costs between 200 TL-550 TL Akkus recorded, according to last year, the number of Russian tourists in Uludag said would increase. Stating that they are working to be a world brand of the summit, which is the focus of interest for Russian tourists every year, Akkuş emphasized that they will start to welcome foreign tourists as of next week.
Akkus, dört Now the summit of Bursa will be moving for four seasons. The fact that Russian tourists prefer Uludağ is an indication of this. These tourist figures will increase each year. Russian tourists add a different feel to the summit. Our hotel operators will sign surprise programs for foreign tourists. Otel
Stating that there have been good developments in Uludağ before Christmas, Akkuş stressed that the failure of the ropeway to the summit attracted agencies. Akkuş said, ele But there is a cable car in Uludağ. The absence of a lift at the summit disturbed tour operators. The work of the lift increases the interest in the summit. Tel
Akkuş stated that the prices of the accommodation at the beginning of the year are not astronomical figures. Lar Otelciler also controls themselves. This is our greatest joy. Hoteliers have adjusted to the market. Agencies are also pleased to be equal to the prices in the market. Formerly there was a monopolization of hotel prices. Prices are not herpes in any other expression, ir he said.

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