TÜVASAŞ met with disabled personnel

TÜVASAŞ met with disabled personnel
Tüvasaş General Manager Erol İnan and TURK İŞ Provincial Representative Cemal Yaman met with disabled personnel working in the factory.
Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) Director General Erol Inan, Railways Workers Union and the Turkish-Business Regional Representative Cemal Yaman, the Turkish Metal Union President Sahin Kaya and Tüvasas the headquarters of employees 60 people among them were met with a food organization TÜVASAŞ disabled staff .
Cemal Yaman, who is the Türk-İş Regional Representative and also the President of the Demir Yol-İş Union, said, “It makes us very happy to be with you. Long live our factory, let us live too. I do not want to talk much about the detailed of the day. Because everybody speaks every day, on every platform. We were with our friends, we found it appropriate to have a meal with them. We wish this continued. "He said.
Mahmut Terzi, one of the disabled workers of Tüvasaş. ”I would like to thank our General Manager Erol Inan and our Branch President Cemal Yaman on behalf of all employees attending the dinner. Hopefully, I hope to be together, for the continuation of this cooperation. " said.

Source : I medyabar.co

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