Tüvasaş Doors Open to Anadolu Agency

Tüvasaş Doors Open to Anadolu Agency
It meets the needs of TCDD wagons, domestic diesel train sets for production, which will connect Asia with Europe "Marmaray" engaged in the production of the wagons EUROTEM partnership with Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (Tüvasas), the door to the Anadolu Agency (AA) opened.
Dependence on imports from Turkey in the recovery of rail transport in the year starting October 1866 25 1951 order "Wagon Repair Workshop" Tüvasas started its activities by name, began to export cars by continually innovating technology along 61 year.
Tüvasaş General Manager Erol İnal told AA correspondent that Tüvasaş has been producing wagons for more than 20 years, and that they are a world-wide organization with all aspects.
Turkey in the operation of the continuation dependent on foreign supplies the entire starting rail transport In the 1866 tools that lead to cost and downtime striking Inal, Tüvasas that 25 October 1951 in contact activities, "Adapazari Wagon Industry Organization (AdvaSaR)" institution operating under the name In the 1975 IC RIC ın type passenger cars started production.
Inal, the institution's 1985 in the structure of the present today, voicing passenger cars and electric series, as well as UM Ray Bus,,
He pointed out that they are focusing on projects like yoğunluk RIC-Z dik type luxury wagon and agon TVS 2000 air-conditioned luxury wagon “.
17 August 1999 Remarking that the infrastructure of the institution, which has suffered great damage and lost its production capability at the Marmara Earthquake, Inal reminded that 2000 started to be repaired in April.
In the 2001, Inal, who emphasized the installation of the 38 vehicle in the light rail vehicle fleet for the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, said that between 2003-2009, the old type conventional wagon production was abandoned and the modern set production started.
Inal, Tüvasaş'da 90 localization rate, high value-added passenger cars are produced by drawing attention, said:
"Tüvasas, has the infrastructure to meet the needs of all cars will be used in Turkey's railway. Since Tüvasaş is an institution owned by TCDD, the production of all wagons belonging to Tcdd was carried out by Tüvasaş. Our company 99,9 has manufactured one thousand 22 passenger coaches as of October. We also do heavy and periodic maintenance of all these cars.
We have infrastructure and employees to meet all the needs of Tcdd. T
- Domestic diesel train sets -
Inal, 2010 11 in the 3 4 in the 37 units, one with the 12 XNUMX'un, consisting of XNUMX vehicles, stating that the tools are delivered to the TCDd XNUMX sets in stressed.
, By the end of 2013, the remaining 12 set will be completed, X said Inal. In The 2 of DMUs are disabled, 196 has the capacity to take passengers as well as 2012, since May, XNUMX has been traveling on various lines “ .
The other leg of the agreement with South Korea for diesel sets
Inal, who stated that di Marmaray Project,, stated:
I In 2010, the production of 275 vehicles for the Marmaray Project within the framework of joint production with Hyundai / Rotem was started to be made in our facilities in accordance with the contract. Halkalı and Gebze to go between the production of suburban type sets, Marmaray Project continues in coordination.
There is no problem now, if the 2013 does not come to a halt as of the end, the delivery plans will be tried to be fixed. Ş
- ”We are an international company - -
Indicating that they received many orders from abroad, Inal said that the 2005 28 for the Iraqi Railways was delivered to 2006 14 and the project was started for the XNUMX wagon order from Iraq.
Inal stated that they are capable of responding to demands from all over the world. UM In 2012, the production of 30 sleeper wagons to the Bulgarian Railways. The test drives of these wagons are about to be completed. Tüvasaş is an international company. Send us your order now from 5 country. Now there is capacity to meet them all, cak he said.

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