Will Turkey's Longest Tunnel in Bursa-Speed ​​Train Line

Will Turkey's Longest Tunnel in Bursa-Speed ​​Train Line
Bursa Governor Sahabettin said Harput, the high-speed train line, and Turkey Longest Speed ​​Rail Tunnel in the making of is not an easy job, stressing that a very serious project, also related to the project's technical details gave the following information:
”In an area of ​​only 75 kilometers, there will be 6 viaducts, 800 bridges, 8 overpasses, 7 underpasses, 11 culverts and 41 tunnels with a length of 58 thousand 12 meters. At about 5 kilometers long, about 4 thousand 900 meters of Turkey's longest high-speed railway tunnel that carries the distinction of being perhaps vary in later years. The total length of these tunnels is 15 thousand 146 meters. So much of the 75 kilometers line will pass through the tunnel. All of this distance is 75 kilometers, but when we connect the distance to Bandırma-Bursa-Yenişehir and ongoing Bilecik, this whole distance is 146 kilometers. Hopefully, with the completion of 146 kilometers towards the end of 2015, Bursa will now say 'hello' to a new future.

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