TULOMSAS will make high-speed train

The contractor High Speed ​​Train: Welcomed by TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı and factory managers, the 2September Newspaper editorial board first toured the giant facility consisting of 6 factories.
Hayri Avci, the General Manager of TULOMSAS who gave a special briefing to our newspaper, made very important explanations on all subjects from the criticisms made about the institution to the institution working system. Mr. Avcı also gave information about the products that TÜLOMSAŞ has presented so far and mentioned the projects they are working on.
Hayri Avcı made ambitious statements about producing domestic cars, which have been discussed frequently in recent days. Saying that the Revolution project is a very important concept, Avcı said, "We will do it if we are assigned a task." Avcı said, “Revolution is a separate concept. It is necessary to keep it up ... Everyone is trying to pull it down and it is a top project. We also make cars. If nobody makes a car, we also make a car. The words of the Prime Minister are not in the middle, we do. What will you do if nobody does it? We will do it if we are given a task. ”

Stating that TÜLOMSAŞ has capabilities in terms of YHT, Avcı said that the main components that are mandatory in TÜLOMSAŞ High Speed ​​Train manufacturing are in Eskişehir. Hunter, TÜLOMSAŞ has talents, the industry has capabilities. We organized the rail systems symposium here. We work with the chamber of electrical engineers, we have a rail systems workshop. We included many institutions in awareness work. We put the industry, we put the rail systems set. There was a vision study in 2007, he said the test center should be here. This authorization was given to Anadolu University on January 14, 2012.
There are the main components of HRC, we have put them, we can make them native. First of all we have worked on what these figures are, who can work on which organs, what products can be purchased from outside. We have shown the product-based YHT components and as a result of the 79 ratio R & D study will be produced as a result of the result Ürün he said.
Reminding that an investment in YHT line, which will reach 2023 thousand km in 10, Avcı drew attention to the importance of TÜLOMSAŞ High Speed ​​Train production for the country's economy.
Within the framework of the excellence center, the rail system test center planned to be constructed in Eskişehir made striking comments about the test center. Hunter claims that Anadolu University was behaving hard for the test center, and he was afraid that the test center would shift to other provinces. Hunter, the test center in the implementation of the problem of expropriation is experiencing a reminder on the "I come to me I solve the problem," he said.
Avcı says, bek The project is waiting there. This project is going. You have to do. No nails. There is only the signage there, according to the eye. The guy said I'm sick and buried in his dead funeral. I don't believe you didn't believe me. I'm gonna ask why now it's not in college? Why do they ask so many NGOs? We are saying that no one believes or They will see when they go. They're gonna miss this place. Turkey does not currently test center. No one knows what to expect in Eskişehir, 3 will take them to another place over the years, n he said.

Hayri Avcı, underlining that a railway industry center has emerged in Turkey centered in Eskişehir, “We need to get business from Europe thanks to chambers such as chambers of industry and commerce in Turkey. Because Europe is now turning to us. We are also organizing the sub-industry. For this, we have to be very knowledgeable about what we are going to do. The works we do in Eskişehir kazanmeans cost,” he said. After our Economy Editor Deniz Çağlar Fırat reminded the Railway OSB to Hasanbey that the relocation of TÜLOMSAŞ was on the agenda, Avcı said that they would comply with the decision to be taken. Expressing that there is no such thing as moving on their agenda, Avcı said, “We are a public institution. We abide by the decision regarding this company. It would not be appropriate for us to express an opinion on this matter. If a decision is made, we will implement it. I never bothered about it. The most important thing is to decide here, many data need to be evaluated together. I don't think anything like that. I don't know who will implement it. This is a place that produces value. It is a place that produces jobs, creates employment and creates added value.”
Hayri Avcı, General Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ, announced that he was working to manufacture TÜLOMSAŞ High Speed ​​Train (YHT). Avcı stated that they are engaged in a feverish work to produce YHT and that they have accelerated the work to transform a closed area in the facility into a YHT manufacturing factory. Stating that they have examined the Korean example for YHT production, Avcı emphasized that they had negotiations with TÜBİTAK and that they are ready for production.
YHT producers in the world, indicating that the number of Hunter ik We have managed many projects, these projects are projects that direct our future. One of them is our high-speed train project, which we did our preliminary work. In the YHT project, the 250 km must be above the hour / speed. In general, there is a YHT line in Europe. Manufacturers do not exceed the fingers of both hands in the world. Especially the Korean example was the model that affected us the most. Korea is an interesting example yolu YHT did not recognize the distance closely YHT investment, they have made the way, the only purpose to copy and duplicate. They were not successful in the placement. That's why they imitated it, and in doing so they worked with the state and Hyundai Rotem. When you make his investment, the state will do it for you. We took this as an example. We sat down with TÜBİTAK and talked about what our current capability was. Let's find out, with whom we can talk, who we can agree with, let's put it out. TÜBİTAK TÜLOMSAŞ said we wanted to do or.

Avcı, realized with our editorial board sohbetHe also told an interesting memory about the Revolution. Avcı said, “I am always reading articles because Eskişehir does not claim the Devrim. The engineer who made Devrim said to me that he is not alive now and said, 'We did the road test in Kütahya, we were very scared on the way, wondering if we did something bad.' Most of them are depressed, have received psychological treatment, some have left their jobs. They were subjected to so much pressure… Well, who would support them? I will not give the answer, you give the answer… "
TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı also gave information about the production capacities of TÜLOMSAŞ. Avci, TULOMSAS since the day of the establishment of 796 locomotive, 10 bin 60 wagon, 620 diesel engine by explaining that den General Electric (GE) is our partner. A thousand 300 locomotives per year. You know what we're worth? TÜLOMSAŞ was very important for us? Bizim he said. Avci said that wagon production is a sector in its own right in the world. Dün Diesel engine is being sold in the world by 800-900 thousand euros. Our latest sell price is 350-400 thousand euros. Now, for example, when we built the first steam locomotive at 1958 (Karakurt), the US had made the first diesel locomotive, the scissor was so clear, but we turned it off at the 2012 by making it a diesel locomotive. We are currently closed up, Şu he said.
Hunter, despite the high value of TÜLOMSAŞ'ın high-tech production, the institution responded to those who criticized the language. Avcı says those who criticize TÜLOMSAŞ still remain at 1960
TÜLOMSAŞ criticism of the criticism that they say they are very disturbed Avci, aviation, aircraft, space and shipping after the highest added value in the sector reminded me of being. Avcı said, dolar We are the locomotive, a locomotive is on the 4,5-5 million dollar band. We come after aviation, airplane, space and seafaring. We produce the highest added value per unit. Our point is that we make products, but we are not known. I go everywhere and I do the locomotive, what if I say I'm making a wagon? Our sector is such that the added value employed in the production of a product is also very high. So we are doing a very valuable job. D

Avci said that they were criticized unjustly and responded to the criticisms received from them. Avci, the institutions should not be criticized, said: üm Antep wagon 15 is working, 10 is doing, even trying to underestimate it, no whitewashing paint. If there is anything good, we should appreciate it. These are shame things. I can criticize everyone, there are things that both bother me very much. We also know that we live in this city. You can't stop when we criticize. Institutions should not be criticized, institutions need to be supported, criticism should be in the direction of the direction, need to show direction ... So many came to us that we could not end up, what do you want to do? Now we do not receive any interlocutors, nor respond UM The guys are criticizing the place from the 1960s. Management understanding of the 1930'dan, one man who believes in the management, nothing, a certain age of people who boast of what they do, they criticize what we do. Yönetim
Avcı stated that each of the factories within the body of TÜLOMSAŞ is a separate sector. Hunter, "We are doing diesel engine, they ask us TULOMSAS can make a tram? Shame or shame to ask. I think they need to know. I'm connecting this, people don't update their information. The man still speaks about TULOMSAS 20 years ago. Update information, ask, open phone, mail. We also let him answer according to, Biz he said.
TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı stated that the market size in the railway industry is 100 billion euros and that TÜLOMSAŞ is not adequately owned by Eskişehir people despite this huge market. "The market size in the railway industry is 100 billion euros," he said. We enter into the world market with different products 6. For example, only one product of Siemens last year net profit 770 million dollars. The turnover of Skoda last year is 600 million euros. These are crazy figures. Well, we don't know why. Eskişehir in such a blessing in the hands of unfortunately this criticism Eskişehir. Yes, you can criticize it but know the value of it. I'm out today, I'm out tomorrow, my officer's here. We are talking about our future, we do not talk about today, or he said.
Hayri Avcı, General Manager, gave remarkable figures while giving information about the size of the railway market of TÜLOMSAŞ
55 90 percent of the hunter locomotive, 50 of the car, 20% of the engine of the ceramics can be produced by reminding that they have to be more active and active in such a large market. Avcı said, milyon Now if we give this sector completely to the locals yerl The cost of the high-speed train is 5 million euros. They are now underestimating this sector and even trying to humiliate it. 30 in the organized industrial zone is more than a thousand people working for us at the moment, our goal is 6 thousand people. It's a great economic value, Turkey's future, the future of our grandchildren can ignore people. But we don't ignore it. A handful of people from Anatolia, the world's 20'in great power to sit with GE and produce locomotives, as well as XNUMX will produce years. For the first time, two companies cooperated without state guarantee. TÜLOMSAŞ did this, Eskişehir people made, Bunu he said.

Avcı said that from 2003 to 2012, workers' employees decreased by 32 percent, their turnover grew 3 times, their sales value increased by 2 times, and their exports reached 150 million dollars; “This sector should be protected… This is a condition for our children. Organizations such as TÜLOMSAŞ are a must. There are 7 sectors together. Who can do this? ”

TÜLOMSAŞ is the first organization in Turkey for expressing export Hunter, after his first exports in 1970 stated that publication of the export regulations.
Avcı stated that with the establishment of the TÜLOMSAŞ factory, Eskişehir has only an economic value. kazanIt also adds value in social, cultural and sportive life. kazanhe said he did. Avcı said, “When this factory was being established, Sümer Mahallesi, Kırmızıtoprak Mahallesi, Osmangazi Mahallesi, Ömür Mahallesi, Ertuğrulgazi, Çamlıca was established together with the printing factory, because this factory is located here. The people working here established the Hoşnudiye District. When we look at it socially for the first time, it focused on education, social life and sports life. He also gave us a mission," he said.

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