TÜLOMSAŞ examined the example of Korea to make High Speed ​​Train

TÜLOMSAŞ examined the example of Korea to make High Speed ​​Train
Hayri Avcı, General Manager of TÜLOMSAŞ, announced that he has been working to manufacture TÜLOMSAŞ High Speed ​​Train (YHT). Avcı stated that they are engaged in a feverish work to produce YHT and that they are speeding up the works to transform a closed area in the facility into TÜLOMSAŞ High Speed ​​Train manufacturing factory. Stating that they have examined the Korean example for YHT production, Avcı emphasized that they have negotiated with TÜBİTAK and that they are ready for production.
YHT producers in the world, indicating that the number of Hunter ik We have managed many projects, these projects are projects that direct our future. One of them is our high-speed train project, which we did our preliminary work. In the YHT project, the 250 km must be above the hour / speed. In general, there is a YHT line in Europe. Manufacturers do not exceed the fingers of both hands in the world. Especially the Korean example was the model that affected us the most. Korea is an interesting example yolu YHT did not recognize the distance closely YHT investment, they have made the way, the only purpose to copy and duplicate. They were not successful in the placement. That's why they imitated it, and in doing so they worked with the state and Hyundai Rotem. When you make his investment, the state will do it for you. We took this as an example. We sat down with TÜBİTAK and talked about what our current capability was. Let's find out, with whom we can talk, who we can agree with, let's put it out. We wanted to make TÜBİTAK TÜLOMSAŞ said TÜ

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