TÜLOMSAŞ How to Market a Railway

Hayri Avcı, General Manager, gave remarkable figures while giving information about the size of the railway market in which TÜLOMSAŞ is located
55 90 percent of the hunter locomotive, 50 of the car, 20% of the engine of the ceramics can be produced by reminding that they have to be more active and active in such a large market. Avcı said, milyon Now if we give this sector completely to the locals yerl The cost of the high-speed train is 5 million euros. They are now underestimating this sector and even trying to humiliate it. 30 in the organized industrial zone is more than a thousand people working for us at the moment, our goal is 6 thousand people. It's a great economic value, Turkey's future, the future of our grandchildren can ignore people. But we don't ignore it. A handful of people from Anatolia, the world's 20'in great power to sit with GE and produce locomotives, as well as XNUMX will produce years. For the first time, two companies cooperated without state guarantee. TÜLOMSAŞ did this, Eskişehir people made, Bunu he said.
Hunter 2003 2012 32'e workers decreased, turnover 3 floor growth, sales value increased by 2, exports 150 million dollars has turned into an institution said that the organization has expressed as follows; Bu This sector needs to be taken care of s This is a condition for our children. Organizations such as TÜLOMSAŞ are obligatory. 7 is a combination of industry here. Who can do that?

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