Trabzon Railroad Or Patience

Trabzon Railroad Or Patience
Let's not say we did not hear! This is the spring demiryolu We write this column for years, our city's railroad story.
Here's another one. This time, we'll say, with quotations from newspapers. Maybe you can go out and read!
At the Black Sea Technical University Osman Turan Culture and Congress Center, in cooperation with the Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Association and KTU, a panel was arranged, the railway was once again in the realm of dreams!
KTU Vice Rector Prof.Dr. Hikmet Öksüz said:
The formation of Ankara, Sivas and Erzurum railway lines in the middle of 1930 has deeply affected us. The flow of goods from the historical Silk Road began to pass directly to the west without having to go to the Port of Trabzon, which adversely affected and affected the economic activities and commercial potential of the region.
100 can come from an annual story to the present. In order to revive Trabzon, the pioneers of the period started a study. The First World War and the War of Independence have violated it bi
Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan in his speech; He argues that the connection of the Eastern Black Sea Region to the railway network will not go beyond the promises of the politicians and, as a result, the railroad, which is vital for the region, is blocked by certain interests, as it is today eniz
He also stated that the feasibility studies of Hopa-Batumi were carried out by KTU at the 1995 snake, with the instructions of the relevant ministries and there was an inexpensive cost.
We are in the short run of this gap 38 km. We are demanding that this railway will be connected to the Samsun railway network by connecting it to the ports of the regional provinces in the long run by filling the Hopa-Batum railway connection with such a short distance and in the long term.
Of course, this international line should be connected to Erzincan railway network through internal connections.
People who cannot foresee the future and who can not look at the potential of world trade with a visionary perspective bring the Trabzon Erzincan railway line to confuse and to stay on the agenda.
We wish that the subject of the railway will be an adventure that adorns our dreams and comes out as soon as possible us

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