The longest high-speed train line in the world officially opened

The longest high-speed train line in the world officially opened
The line connecting Beijing and the south of the country was officially opened on the birthday of Mao's communist founding leader, China.
The Beijing line used to be an 22 hour trip; The journey time now goes below the 10 watch.
Approximately 2 kilometers of high-speed train line built in China was officially opened.
The trains on the line connecting Beijing, the capital city, and Guangjo, in the south, go 300 kilometers per hour.
The trains are expected to be accelerated later.
Some parts of the line were already opened.
Officials say the Beijing-Guangjo line is one of the lines with "the highest technical structure in the world in its field".
There are 35 stations on the line.
With the opening of the line, the journey between Beijing and Guangjo is reduced by about two thirds.
State media reports that the line opened on December 26, as China's communist founder leader coincided with Mao's birthday.
China plans to expand its high-speed train lines across the country.
While the high-speed train lines in the country were being expanded, for example, the death of 40 in the accident that occurred last year was controversial; the projects are intertwined with corruption and are among the accusations.

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