TCDD Announces High Speed ​​Train Delay

The Republic of Turkey Demiryolları'n by (TCDD), High Speed ​​Train in s (YHT) the delay on December 27, Ankara Sincan in stating that this is an exceptional situation resulting from the transformer failure, as planned, with the exceptions of yht reported continued their voyage.
In a written statement from TCDD, it was reminded that some media outlets today contain news about the delay of High Speed ​​Trains and the Elvankent Underpass on December 27.
It was underlined that the delay in the news was an exceptional situation caused by transformer failure between Ankara and Sincan at the time, and that YHTs continued their flights as planned, with the exception of exceptions.
In the statement, the Ankara-Eskisehir line, Ankara-Sincan and Hasanbey-Eskişehir section of the capital and Eskişehir Garage construction work due to the Ankara-Eskisehir trains in the average 11 minutes of delays in planning is specified.

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