TCDD Ticket Control System and Passenger Services

TCDD ticket control system is still being done in the same way as 100 years ago hem fast train ticket control is made when getting on the train erken train does not disturb a passenger without a second control, both the loss-leakage rate is reduced to zero and the train can occur in the passenger-staff passenger-measuring
horse disturbances are prevented at
There is a ticket control system in the conventional lines, even if it means that the ticket control has a systematics, it would be wrong to say… it doesn't take the ticket to ask for the tickets l but the current situation has left the passenger responsible for getting the tickets eyen ler a ticket control system entrusted to Alla by relying on the facial recognition system in their minds ün is given to the conductor and the authorities who think that there is no way to close this gap is trying to give more than one control mechanism during a journey. on the other hand, it has negative effects on the passenger… especially the controls after the first check are very gentle applications that need to be done very polite çok because you have checked once… uncomfortable situation arises rahatsız
When a passenger wants to buy a ticket, he / she faces a lot of control mechanisms kontrol
When buying 1 tickets, the ticket office officer checks the ticket.
2-Check that the passenger receiving the ticket is correct (at least has control obligation)
3-Train control is done by the conductor after boarding bilet
4-Full sleep while the train controller or the train chief is checking the general ticket üktör the purpose here is to control the conductor li has not done its duty yap but these second controls have moved away from their primary duties i the fugitive passenger that has not been able to detect the conductor cannot detect the same veya has become a different ticket control ya less than two controls are carried out-one is public-one special (station) az
5-Final control is done by the controllers görev this is to control the ticket (conductor), the controller (train controller / train chief) to check cı that is, the officers have done their duty tarafından only in this case only the loss-leak and the suitability of the ticket has returned to control sistemi (actually there are inspectors controlling the controllers, but the control system actually ends here)
In case of errors in such control mechanisms, any intervention is made… this is due to misunderstanding of the principle of customer satisfaction Bu
If the ticket is cut off, the abusive passenger doesn't get tickets in case he goes unpunished for saying that the passenger justifies his ticket. If you didn't get tickets at the last minute but you don't have a sanction… you don't have to come a little early to get a ticket.
For the passenger with a mistake in his / her ticket, my fault is that your ticket office clerk gave this ticket… he did not warn me… (for example, the passenger instructor asks for a ticket but does not say that he is retired .. hundreds of examples can be given ..) When the passenger is right in accordance with the principle of customer satisfaction ... if the ticket is issued without penalty saying the crime is in the box office ... the passenger will be given the message that the ticket is missing or wrong is not important ... in these cases the box office clerk is reached ... you gave the passenger the wrong ticket ... ??? ... He will check the ticket he gave by removing the memory card and inserting it into the USB… I don't know where he will accept it… He will answer many phones in many tickets, while giving advice to many passengers, where should the box office clerk remember the subject….
In addition, even if he remembered and yes I gave the wrong ticket PASSENGER TICKET DELIVERY OFFICIAL VAKERÇEREK has accepted the ticket he received correctly and does not take the possible problems ... The weaknesses and deficiencies in the Tcdd ticket control system are the weakest link in the above chain, the source of every problem that can be considered the most guilty TALENT OFFICER stays on top of it yanlış so that the deficiencies of a system that is not actually installed on the weakest link erek are created in the staff and passenger perception as if everything is doing all too fallacy of box office officers too wrong E

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