Description of Elvankent YHT Crash from TCDD

Description of Elvankent YHT Crash from TCDD
On 23.12.2012, the media covered the news about the death of a citizen named Ahmet TİRE, who crossed the walls of the Ankara Elvankent stop on December 22, 2012, by falling under the High Speed ​​Train numbered 91016, which made the Eskişehir-Ankara flight.
It is deemed necessary to make the following description on the subject.
1-Ankara-Eskişehir High Speed ​​Train Line is under construction and pedestrian and vehicle passages are provided by lower and overpasses.
2- It is dangerous and forbidden for citizens to enter the railway line by crossing the walls of the project.
3- There is a second subway at a distance of one thousand meters where the incident occurred.
4- In spite of all this, the TCDD and the Public Prosecutor's Office are being investigated in all aspects.
5- The claim in the news that "there are many accidents here because there is no underpass" is also unrealistic, because when Elvankent, formerly known as Eryaman stop, was built, an underpass was built together with the station and the line was put under control 20 years ago.

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