Idle Hangar Belonging to TCDD Will Become A Center To Generate Income

Inactive Hangar of TCDD Will Become a Center to Bring Income
Nazilli Hangar Buildings belonging to the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) will become a product promotion center. Within the scope of the project carried out by the Nazilli District Governorship Union of Serving Villages, the idle hangars, located on an area of ​​2 decares, will be used for the promotion, exhibition space and similar purposes of the Culture and Art Center and the local products produced in the district. Nazilli District Governor Mehmet Okur stated that with the completion of the project, for which the approval is received and the appropriation is expected, the slum in the center of the district will disappear. Okur, the empty hangars in the 2 decares of idle area registered in the name of the General Directorate of TCDD, have contributed to the economy as both a culture and art center and a center where our local products are evaluated with the completion of our project, which was approved by the Aydın Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation Regional Board. kazanwill be taken,” he said.
ECONOMY KAZANwill be resurrected
Pointing out that the project is of great importance in the promotion of the district, Nazilli District Governor Mehmet Okur said, “Some of the products grown in our district constitute an important place in the country's production and also many agricultural products grown in our district are natural and organic, but there is no place where these products are introduced or sold continuously. Considering why, the Presidency of the Service of the Villages of the Village of Nazilli Governorship, TCDD General Directorate, the indoor and outdoor area of ​​1.894,00 m², which is still empty, and the promotion of local products produced in the district, exhibition place and similar purposes. rented for use. As a result of the works carried out over a period of more than a year, our association was approved by the Aydın Regional Board of Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage, the Relief, Restoration and Restoration Projects were completed and the approximate cost of the building was deducted. In accordance with Article 5302 of the Special Provincial Administration Law No. 6, necessary correspondences were made and the necessary funds were requested from the Governor's Office so that the area in question could be freed from the state of ruin and ruin and put into operation as a Cultural Center. ”

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