SMA Railway Technology to Attend SIFER 2013 Rail System Fair to be held in France

SIFER 2013 Rail System Fair will be held in Lille, France between 26/03/2013 - 28/03/2013. SMA Railway Technology will be waiting for its participants at SIFER 2013 fair.
About SMA Railway Technology:
SMA Technology GmbH develops and manufactures Electronic Yield Units and Systems especially for the Railway Transportation Sector.
The product range covers all Energy Supply, Control and Analysis Systems from a single unit for Trolley Tools. The most modern and state-of-the-art technology for the future ensures the safety of the system.
Up to now, 4 000 is equipped with more than one Vehicle, SMA Systems. SMA Technology GmbH, which is accepted as the supplier of leading railway companies in Europe, meets the highest quality requirements.
We can send you more detailed information, you also convince our quality!
Our New and Advanced Technology and Energy Supply Systems provide you with a safe solution for your future.
SMA Energy Procurement Systems from 1988 prove its reliability in daily passenger transport with the worldwide railway companies
SMA Energy Supply Systems, All Our Products: From Platinum equipment to final Assembly and Testing, All-in-one. Only this way we can offer you the highest quality and compatibility.
We offer solutions for your All Energy Supply System needs with R & D, Design and Production. We are also happy to support your vehicle's project design. We are always at your service with our expert staff.
SMA Railway Technology GmbH
Turkey Representative: Sinan Akok
diegoldjungen projektagentur
Inh. Lilian Wolf
Jahn road 41
34311 Naumburg, Germany
Tel. +49 5625 921624
Fax + 49 5625 921625
Mobile TR + 90 534 6668378
Mobile DE + 49 171 3809595
SMA Railway Technology GmbH
Miramstrasse 87
34123 Kassel, Germany
Tel. + 49 561 50634 6000-
Fax +49 561 50634-6001

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