Avrasyaya safe transportation with Western Wagon

Avrasyaya safe transportation with Western Wagon
Since 2001 years operating as a leading company in the West Wagon wagon transportation between Ukraine and Turkey, Ukrferry the company of his business as agent for the Ship Gero Gero and give service with Plevny wagon ferries.
At the terminal of the company's Derince Port, Russian-type wagons are being loaded on the harbor and on the ferries by rail rails fitted with CIS railways. In this way, it provides direct service to all CIS destinations via Russian type wagons through Ukraine.
It is important for the wagons to be able to integrate directly to the railways without any handling in Ilychevsk and to continue their journey to the final stations in order to provide transportation at affordable prices and to shorten the journey time. This application, which significantly reduces the journey time, eliminates the problems that may arise from repeated handling. However, the regular services offered help customers make their business plans.
Supply of freight
With the privatized Ukrainian wagons, the company has started to service to the wider cargo group and can supply AVP and CMGV type wagons with 11-7038, 11-280 and UTLS. In general, large goods such as white goods, PVC windows are loaded into AVP and CMGV wagons, while other types (palletized or carton) are loaded on cover wagons. Providing platform wagons for wheeled vehicles, construction equipment and project loads, the West is also helping its customers with the most convenient wagon.
Why Western Wagon?
The company, which provides transportation in warehouse to non-wagons such as trucks, construction equipment, is offering up to a maximum of 120 tons of cranes and cranes, wheeled machines up to a maximum of 80 tons and palletized construction machines up to a maximum of 90.
Western Wagon offers advantages to its customers with competitive pricing, advantage in bulk goods, in-ware transportation of non-wagon loads, regular service from Derince Terminal to Ilychevsk, appropriate wagon supply according to cargo, expert staff and daily wagon position information.

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