From Bursa to Bursa Metro to Metro Cars (Special News)

According to the news we have done before; According to the agreement made between Bursa Metropolitan Municipality / Burulaş AŞ and Rotterdam Train Company RET, the purchased Düwag SG2 wagons were Germany'about Rheinbach is being taken to. Electrical and electronic components are renewed according to 1500 V DC. In addition, the external hitch is being renewed and most likely painted in Bursa green. While we do not yet have a knowledge of the change of air conditioning and on-board communication systems, we do not see them as a big promlem.
RayhaberAccording to the latest information, 2 of these vehicles are currently being processed in Burulaş facilities to be integrated into Bursaray lines. And as we have previously thought, Bursa is painted in green. The appearance of the new vehicles is almost on par with the recently received Bombardier vehicles.
Burulaş AŞ, RLT (Rotterdam Electric Tram), a subway and tram operating company in Rotterdam, The Netherlands bought 29.8 m 44 vehicles. 19 of these vehicles will be shredded and used as spare parts. So 25 for BursaRay will be on the tracks next year with 19 set spare parts!
These vehicles, which were purchased in the Düwag factory in the coastal town of Holland, which was purchased with the great efforts of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Levent Fidansoy, are suitable for BursaRay system and they are in very good condition.
The length, width and height of the vehicles without problems in the interior is very spacious, doors are wide and aesthetic. It is noted that the speed of entry and exit during the intensive use and the speed of operation of the vehicles which are thought to be convenient for the handicapped roads are quite satisfactory.
Here is the last look of the used tools:


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