Salihli OSB Railway Connection

Salihli OSB Railway Connection
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Manisa MP Erkan Akçay was applied by the Salihli Organized Industrial Zone to the General Directorate of State Railways on 18 December 2003 to determine the railway connection (Salihli OSB Railway Connection). In the response letter of the Directorate General of State Railways Administration, dated June 5, 2006, regarding the construction of the requested line
It has been said that if there are plans and projects for the construction of the said junction line and the land belonging to third parties on the route of the junction line, if the transition permit is obtained, the infrastructure and the art structures are made by the OIZ, the superstructure of the line can be made by you, provided that the ownership of the line remains in our organization. It is not possible for these mentioned works to be done by the OIZ. I do not intend to build a railway to Salihli OIZ by TCDD and therefore to your ministry. You can't do it yourself anyway. Even if you do everything by yourself, we take the superstructure and property. he says. Then, the issue was brought back to the day, and on 3 February 10, an application was made to the TCDD 2009rd Regional Directorate. Salihli Organized Industrial Zone has no connection with the Railway. Do you plan to establish a railway connection (Salihli OSB Railway Connection) to Salihli Organized Industrial Zone ”he asked.

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