Salihli OSB Railway Connection

Salihli OSB Railway Connection
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Manisa Deputy Erkan Akçay, Salihli Organized Industrial Zone to provide the railway connection to the OSB (Salihli OSB Railway Connection) 18 2003 5 date of application was made to the General Directorate of State Railways and the route was made. As regards the construction of the requested line in the letter of 2006 June XNUMX of the General Directorate of State Railways Directorate of Road Department
In order to be able to make the mentioned connection line, the plans and projects and 3. If there are land owned by the individuals, the permission to pass the permission, infrastructure construction and art structures are made by the OIZ, the structure of the structure of the upper structure of the structure can be done provided that you can be done by us. It is not possible for these works to be done by the OIZ. I do not intend to train to Salihli OIZ by TCDD and therefore your ministry. You can't do it on your own. Even if you do everything on your own, we get the superstructure and property. He says. Then the subject was brought back again in the day, 10 2009 on February 3. Regional Directorate was applied. Salihli Organized Industrial Zone has no connection with the railway. Salihli Organized Industrial Zone rail connection (Salihli OSB Railway Connection) Are you thinking about providing? Sal he asked.

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