Sakarya Yeniketliler wants rail system

Sakarya Yeniketliler wants rail system
Another reader from Yeniket evaluated the statements of Metin Ökden, the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Council MHP, that "Transportation has turned into torture in Yeniket".
Our reader states that the comments of those who do not live in Yeniket about Yenikent are not the right thousand behaviors, and that the issue of transportation is a serious problem.
Underlining that life will be more comfortable in Yeniket if transportation is comfortable, our reader said, “Because of transportation problems, Yeniket residents have to use this place as a barracks. If the light rail system is well organized, the transportation problem of Yeniket is largely resolved. We want to start working on this matter as soon as possible. ” says. I agree with our reader too. I am sure that many people will want to live in Yeniket if there is no transportation problem.

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