Road Expansion And Landscaping In Progress

Zonguldak Municipality 100.Yıl Intercity Bus Terminal works are underway.
Mayor Muharrem Akdemir and Consultant of Technical Director Erhan Darende made observations around the terminal. Mayor Muharrem Akdemir made a statement on the subject and said: ar We continue to work in Zonguldak. Especially the area around the terminal is very important. Passengers in the terminal, the loading platform and the stops will be in separate locations. Citizens coming here will ensure their arrival in a very comfortable way. The environment will be greened and seating groups will be placed. There will also be an automation system. The cars will go through the card system. They will be able to output in a controlled manner. We're gonna make a really nice arrangement. If the weather goes well, our work is completed in two to three months. The existing parquet road works, wall works and landscaping works will be completed as soon as possible e. Mayor Muharrem Akdemir also examined the paving road and paving works, which continued on the road from the terminal route to the bazaar, by examining the width of the wall that was demolished on the road in question. He said they would plant trees.

Kaynak: IHA


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