Rizede Air and Rail Works Continues

Rizede Air and Rail Works Continues
The members of the Board of Directors of the City Council continue their information visits about the construction of airlines and railways in the city.
Cem Temizel, the Head of the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD), Rize Branch, visited in line with the Air and Railway Studies program in Rize. Rize City Council President İbrahim Hakkı Armor and Working Group Heads gave information to Rize Branch President Cem Temizel about their work. During the visit, Rize City Council President İbrahim Hakkı Zırh said, “Transportation is very important for our city to rise to the top of the list of livable cities. Rize City Council continues to work for this purpose. said.
He stated that the Airline working group (Rizede Air and Rail Works), which was established under the chairmanship of Hamit Turna and the group working under the chairmanship of Hamit Turna, continued to work on their subjects. the signature campaign continues. We will talk about the issue to the Public Institutions, Municipality, Civil Society Organizations, Political Parties and MPs. We will inform you of our truthfulness with the booklets we will print on this issue. Bilgilendir MUSIAD requested support from Rize Branch President Cem Temizel.
Rize Branch President Cem Temizel, "great tourism investments in the city of our city is planned," he said. President Temizel, the Black Sea Coast Road and Ovit tunnel along with the road transportation problem to a large extent Rize; He said that he needed transportation, waterway, railway and airway transportation facilities, and he would support every step of the way for City Council and Working Groups.
Emphasizing that transportation is the most important pillar of tourism, he said,, It is the most comfortable, fast, reliable and the most preferred airline for transportation. It does not prefer a city without air transportation, neither tourists nor tourism companies. We are obliged to provide air transportation in our region, which has turned the world in tourism. We know that the 40 of the passengers on the planes departing from Trabzon Airport and getting there is Rize and Artvin passengers. Therefore, the airport to be built between Rize and Artvin Rize and Artvin passengers will use this region of the Eastern Black Sea Region, including the beautiful beauties of a tourism paradise into a tourism paradise will be possible with Rize-Artvin Airport.
For tourism, for the regional economy, for quality education, for the development of the region trade, in short Rize should be done as soon as possible to make the city a brand city. Airport options are Trabzon, Erzurum and Batumi. Each of the three airports is perhaps one of the options, but many passengers in the area travel by road to all three airports due to the need to travel by road. When we look at the trends of general tourists and tour companies; It is seen that the provinces which are preferred as accommodation are the provinces with the airport. Tourists who do not stay in provinces where the airport is not available, makes the best of the day visits to these provinces, unaware of many important destinations and return to the provinces where they stay. Tourists in this way do not leave the exchange. Bırak he said.

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