Possible to Remove Obstacles by Rails 1 (Special News)

Possible to Remove Obstacles with Rails
We know that people with disabilities have difficulty in accessibility in daily life. Both in-city and out-of-town transport has still not been fully adapted to people with disabilities and has remained insufficient in existing systems.
It was the only means of transportation for individuals with disabilities, which were the easiest to use, and were used independently. Metro, tramway and the newer new high-speed trains in our country provide great convenience for the transportation of disabled people. Of course, if the problem of access to the stations is eliminated (Obstacles with Rails) da The only problem is the availability of the stations.
Elevators, stairs and elevation angles still continue to prevent the access of disabled citizens to the service. As a cordless wheelchair user, I went on a small city tour with city rail systems to see the obstacles in place. I chose the capital city of Ankara as the first province. I went to go to Ankara, Yenimahalle, Batıkent metro station. I waited at the bus stop about 1 hours 15 min take me to the Batıkent subway station. .Boast to use the pedestrian path to reach the subway. Düsüm to Ankara's heavy traffic roads. I could not find a disabled ramped pavement on the way to the side of the pedestrian traffic through the pavement, I reached the Batıkent metro station.
As the station was underground, I had to land by an elevator. According to my sensations, the elevator here often gives a breakdown and leaves our disabled friends. After a healthy 2 young college student waiting in front of me with her little suitcases, I finally got to the station after I went down to the station. In order to reach the elevator cabin I had to go through a heavy steel door and opened the door with the help of someone who reached the elevator cabin. The elevator panel was a bit confused and the detail came to me that made it harder for individuals to reach me. The turnstiles here all the time turnstile turnstiles wheelchair users in a short time there is no way to go without help unfortunately kullanan I went with the help of friends from the tourolas.
Since the elevation angle of the metron is zero and the distance between the vehicle and the ground is almost 2 or 3 cm, I got into the metro without any problems. I reached the section reserved for wheelchair users and started my journey. In Ankara, the disabled lifts are not active at every station, but it is impossible to leave the metro except for the main stations. Bende Kızılay station, and I left here to ride Ankaray. I crossed the floor difference and distance between the elevator and reached to Ankaray station. Ankaray also has a pole in the middle of the doors of the wagon entrances, although the height grief and intermediate distance ratio is good, and it prevents the wheelchair users from having the trouble of getting into the car smoothly. Because the distance is very narrow, it is very difficult to maneuver. I'm riding Ankaray even though it is difficult. Again I want to reach the section allocated to us in the middle of the wagon entrance due to the poles of the chair is difficult to pass the passenger density is also added to the complete confusion here. I keep on my journey by standing near the door before I can pass to the section reserved for the chair. The absence of disabilities at each station in Ankaray also took my place among the issues that attracted my attention.
2013 approaching today in Ankara, capital of Turkey rail transport and transport for people with disabilities and the lack of these services in other provinces such issue is filled with such negativity came to me as it is not even sincere ...
What I need to do is quite open and medium with the experience I have hala Every disabled station in the station should work smoothly, each of the stations in Ankaray should have a disability exit. In order to reach the disabled, buses should be placed at least one on the main routes. based on the right to receive;
Just as YHT came, I was glad that the ban on leaving the city will be lifted, and I hope that the authorities will make their new projects more accessible (Removing Barriers with Rails), reminding them that it will be a great disappointment for them to introduce new obstacles into their lives.
Stay in a new city to meet on new unobstructed rails il

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