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Railway Transportation and Training
It's expensive to learn, but not knowing is much more expensive. H. Clausen
Especially in recent years, increasing greenhouse gas, environmental pollution, global warming and
as a result of the future concern, almost everyone and every sector under pressure
It is located. As a result of this pressure from the very near past of the United Nations,
Environment and noise pollution of the European Union, the warming of the world, traffic density, climate
The change is taken by subjects such as the extinction of generations of some creatures, etc.
We see that compulsory decisions are entering our lives and they will start to enter.

All countries, goods and services through the organs of the United Nations and the European Union
environment-friendly design and environment-friendly products
It makes it necessary to support the types. This awareness is also
play an important role in the revitalization policies.
Even though all of the logistics industry in the world a new concept for Green Logistics although Turkey
one of its most basic elements. Especially by the European Commission
White Paper (White Paper) has emphasized this concept and
investments and transportation projects were foreseen.
In the European Union 2011 aiming to reshape Transport Policy
in the last White Paper published, the greenhouse gas emissions from transport activities
2050 1990 60 year by year is expected to be reduced by XNUMX.
In addition, the idea of ​​the necessity of the expansion of combined transportation is also the basis of the White Paper.

Road transport to the saturation point around the world and environment-related
increased sensitivities led to greater emphasis on rail transport over the last 20 year
It is.
Alternative to basic problems such as mobility, traffic density, traffic accidents and environment
is the only type of transportation that incorporates its solutions. Therefore, the railway
The importance and awareness given to the sector is increasing day by day. Railways, space and
after the aviation sector, it has the highest growth and technology density.
strategic objectives were identified for the railway sector in the world and Turkey. These objectives;
a common rail that complies with other modes of transportation, making use of technological developments
to establish the network, railroad, economic, safe, as the locomotive power of the development of the country,
turn into a preferred transportation system that is fast, comfortable and environmentally friendly and
The purpose of all these structures in the railway sector is the loss of railways over time.
regain the share of the current balance in the transport sector in favor of the railways
Nowadays, the boundary concepts between countries are changing, mutual
Interoperability, new technologies and new standards
The importance of education is increasing day by day.
The use of transportation systems to complement each other
combined (multiple transport) is developing rapidly. Railway, the main axis of combined transport
form. Creation of a combined transport network, coordination and collaboration
conditions, combined types of transport
The transport chain that will form the transport chain should be well known with all the features.

In recent years, important developments are taking place in our country in terms of railway transportation. Special
companies are allowed to own wagons, with the liberalization of rail transport
the relevant legal arrangements are forwarded to the Parliament.
work planned for the railway sector is completed in Turkey's international and regional
The importance of the diameter will increase greatly and the approximate 75 Billion Dollar between Europe and Asia
It is take a larger share of rail transport volumes and thus Turkey
will become the heart of its transportation.
This situation will change the understanding of the railway organizations and the competition environment
will allow you to come out. The new conditions and the importance of railway transport education
it will further increase.
Faster, more economical and safer rail transport but with qualified personnel
provided. One of the most important shortcomings in the transportation sector is önemli railway transportation Taşıma
the lack of adequate training opportunities and therefore the number of trained staff
It is not.
In the management of personnel working in the railway sector,
introduction and introduction of professional qualification criteria;
certification is of great importance.
Training and lifelong learning for staff working in the railway sector
development of training programs, vocational technical and marketing perspectives,
Rail transport courses in the logistics departments and programs of universities
and the opening of railway transportation / management programs in Vocational Schools
will contribute to the development and development of the human resources of the sector.
In case the necessary measures are not taken,
we will be attracted to the world and will adversely affect our competitiveness
”human“ which has ”Vocational Training” related to ”work yap.
This means that a trained person is a standardized and accredited profession,
is a person who has received a standardized and accredited education.
Civil Society Organizations and Universities, the state legally-determined rules
to do their part without losing time for the solution of Vocational Education
required by the EU / World norms
he must find remedies for raising people.
One of the biggest obstacles to rail training is the
the number of academicians and instructors is very low. The academic gap for this field
measures must be taken to remedy.
One of the most important factors in Turkey's railway in the development of rail transport
to increase the awareness and awareness of the advantages of
will promote the promotion and training work. In this way, logistics companies
the authorities of the rail transport as an alternative in their current practice
will be provided.
Railway Transportation Association provides basic trainings for rail transport
intense participation in the sector took place. Sector companies, non-governmental organizations and universities
we continue to explain the railroad in every platform with our collaborations.
We know it's hard. But we also know that the railroad improve the same
it also means shaping the future of our country.
Railway is our future

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