Projects to Relieve Tokat Traffic

Tokat Mayor Adnan Cicek, about the solution of the traffic problem in large-scale studies is about to end, he said.
Tokat Mayor Adnan Cicek, Gaziosmapasa Bridge and intersection work with the Deputy Mayor of Tokat Mustafa Bandirmeli, Science Affairs Director Gurcan Altunkara examined on-site. President Cicek, the city's large-scale work in relation to the solution of traffic problem, he said. The opening of the Ring Road will be a historic day for Tokat President Cicek, 1980'den said that the expectations of the public will be realized today. Mayor Cicek also stated that the Gaziosmanpasa Bridge is now coming to an end with two intersections and over the canal closure. Çiçek We will be entering 2013 with this new bridge. We had very large scale works in this region. Our main goal here is to Karşıyakatie As a result of the works we have done for this purpose, we had the construction of the Gaziosmanpaşa Bridge, the Behzat Creek closure and the construction of two intersections. We also had road expansion walls under meteorology in the area of ​​the dome and in the area behind the gendarmerie we also worked in the area to ease the intersection. We have taken a serious distance in all of these. ”
Asphalt and lighting work by doing a bridge in the area behind the stadium will create a large intersection of two of the two President Mayor Cicek, “This is also very convenient according to the highways standards, round trip Karşıyakawill be connected to Behzat Boulevard. I hope we will enter the new year with our new bridges and junctions with lighting, refuge arrangement and afforestation works. For our Tokat, auspicious good luck for Tokat traffic, ”he said.

Source: IHA

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