Jet solution from TCDD to women discrimination in the train

Jet solution from TCDD to women discrimination in the train
Jet solution to women discrimination in the train. TCDD removed the gender selection in ticket sales after Radikal's 'No Right to Choose for Women on Train' news.
State Railways have gone through a temporary solution to sell tickets online until new software is activated to eliminate discrimination. Radikal newspaper's 28.11.2012 history on the 'No woman on the train has no right to choose' stepped on the news. While recognizing men, TCDD lifted the requirement of gender selection on the news about women's right to choose seats in the train.
Correction is not difficult!
In the case of online ticket sales from the State Railways, men could get tickets from the corridor to the edge of the window, from the seat to the single seat. After selecting the route and date on online sales, gender was asked. The next step was location selection. When you click on the 'male' section in gender, these options are available and closed to women. The system also had no chance to proceed without choosing gender. Because the system male button was opened as marked. State Railways, which have accepted this situation for nearly a year, have been working on a new software for a long time. Because it is a difficult software, the new system was announced in 2013. With the editing done in the system
gender selection removed. Now you can continue the process without pointing to the female-male button in the gender section. And so women can now buy tickets from anywhere on the train.
The new software was on 2013
Abdulkadir Gul, the head of the State Railways Passenger Department, explained that the problem arose from a polemic that took place about a year ago and they have been working on a new software since then. In November of 2011, a group of male friends wanted to buy tickets on the Ankara -Eskişehir line. Ticket sales to the group 'There is a place, but if you're a lady' was called. At that time, despite discriminating against the risk of being sold a positive quota allocated to women in spite of the risk, Gul said they removed the quota because of the polemic. Rose, "2013'de system will be engaged in seats and can be selected," he said.

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