The Metamorphosis of Metrobus in Izmir

The Metamorphosis of Metrobus in Izmir
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'Ah Kadir Abi Ah,' Metrobus 'Instead of' Monorail 'I said.'
Ankara and Izmir should also think ..
I am not counting the shallow rail systems that are jagged from the existing streets. Nostalgic tram, light subway and the like… Because they are beneficial on the one hand, and on the other hand, they often narrow and compress the roads, they cannot move fast enough, they have problems in bad weather conditions.
The main thing is to create a new system, a network, a network in a separate plane from the existing paths. Either below, or above the rail public transportation system to be able to. We call it Metro. Metro in this direction is too late for Istanbul, making it expensive and slow system. Taksim edik 8 km between 12 and XNUMX can be completed in the year, we paid exorbitant money. The construction continues, but until the Metro projects are finished, Istanbul will be finished. It is inevitable to support the construction of the metro with another fast and economical system.
That's when we need to create a system above, to look up. 'Monorail', in other words 'Havaray', is perfect for this job. 'Mono' means one. The single-rail system on masts is successfully used in many countries. Railways or Metrobuses, which are compressed to existing roads, do not cut the urban fabric like minibuses and do not suffocate the existing transportation. He crosses roads, streams, even structures. Easy, cheap, safe. Besides, it is also pleasant to travel, you see the city from the air, you do not go to the bottom of the place. It can be made much faster and cheaper than the metro.
In addition, after the necessary structural investigations and arrangements were made, it could easily pass through the Monorail Bosphorus Bridges. As we know, the Metrobus went backwards and had to interfere with the normal left traffic at the Bosphorus Bridge.
In 1999, when I was nominated for the Istanbul Presidency, I drew the Monorail, I wrote it, I told it. He was in the press. 09 is a newspaper clipping of April 1999. 2004 and 2009 I've repeated my presidential nomination. By the year 13 has passed, my hair is white, Istanbul has not been able to get rid of the rain and snow and rain.
Let us support Metro with the monorail on Beylikdüzü-Söğütlüçeşme axis and other suitable routes.

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