I couldn't even get a bike to the subway (Video)

I couldn't even get a bike on the subway.
In many of my articles, I always emphasize the importance of bicycle in our lives and the importance of transportation in urbanism. While cycling is seen as a transportation vehicle and solution in the most populous cities of the world, we do not understand why we are ignoring this situation.
Every day I needed to do better work on this issue, but my dear friend Dilek'den I was amazed by a mail. I thought it was a joke first, I read that you couldn't even get a bicycle wheel. I came from a city that I always dreamed of living like İzmir gibi
They say that they couldn't even enter the Izmir Metro. I thought it was a joke first. I saw the images on the subject. I thought it was a camera joke. I still can't believe it. But unfortunately the event is real! She can't even get into the subway? Look at this video:

I wanted to get information from the source of the incident and I hugged my mail.
I would like to write an article about the subject to İzmir Metro A.Ş. The answer was amazing. My name is an official who even writes wrong all 41 of the rules. tır It is forbidden to introduce bicycles to the stations. Bike users should take advantage of the bicycle parks located at the entrance of the stations lar.
Not content with this, I asked the official, usu Is there a limitation on the baby carriage, the market car and the luggage? Bun. I received '' Aziz Alpaslan (!) Parents with babies, disabled (cordless, battery-free chair users), suitcases, hand bag being taken to the subway vehicles '' I'm very relieved for now! In the following days, for the suitcase, ready for the stroller to be ready to limit the metro at certain hours!

In developed countries around the world, we all know the value of cycling in public transportation. So how is this practice in Istanbul? Bike is naturally bought to the Istanbul Metro which is known by everyone. While passing through the platform, there is a positive payment for the bike. It is appropriate to use the top and the last wagons of the metron. No-one is already using a bicycle to ride a bicycle on a busy vehicle. The bike is tolerant! While I was reacting to the charge of bikes in Istanbul, I was startled by this news from Izmir. I hope this erroneous application is corrected in a short period of time and a beautiful application process starts.
Bicycle is an important part of sustainable transportation. Bike transportation is not luxury, but the extra charge in metros should be removed.

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