MetroRay is doing construction work at Gaziantep University Bridge Interchange

MetroRay Company Carries out Gaziantep University Crossroads Construction Works: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which relieves the transportation of Gaziantep with new buses, trams, roads and Köprülü intersections, adds another link to this service chain. The municipality, which has implemented many projects from the city's culture and arts to education, from its infrastructure to social municipality, has managed to produce solutions in many important issues from urbanization to transportation, despite the narrow and complex structure of the city.
During the Şehreküstü Köprülü Crossroads, which will take place at the intersection of Tüfekçi Yusuf and İnönü Avenue, the tradesmen and citizens will enter and exit from Şehitler Caddesi and Elmacı Pazarı in the direction of the Şehreküstü intersection. From the intersection of Hasip Dürrü Caddesi on Cengiz Topel Avenue, the fire brigade intersection on Tüfekçi Yusuf Boulevard and the intersection of the street no.2 on Demokrasi Boulevard, the streets and streets in the direction of the Şehreküstü junction will be closed as of December 9. Traffic flow will be provided from service roads until the construction deadline. For this reason, it was announced that citizens should obey and follow traffic signs on the route in order to avoid victims.
Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Asim Guzelbey said the work continued at full speed in order to provide economic, comfortable and fast transportation to the public. In order to minimize traffic distress in the city, they opened new roads near many interchanges and reminded that they had new transportation vehicles to provide the public with high quality transportation. Güzelbey said that the solution was easier in the old settlements but it was easier in the new settlements.
Stating that one of his biggest dreams is to build a crossroad to Şehreküstü after the University Bridge Junction, Güzelbey said, “We made a serious contribution to the solution of the traffic problem with the Köprülü intersection works we carried out in the city and on the İpekyolu. We are delighted to add another public to this work, which is one of the biggest services provided to the people of Gaziantep ”.

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