Derby Attack to Metrobus

Derby Attack to Metrobus
Fenerbahce fans, met the match with metrobus attacked Galatasaray fans.
After the defeat of Galatasaray, by metrobus KadıköyGalatasaray supporters who returned to Turkey were attacked by a group of Fenerbahçe supporters.
The event is around 23.00:XNUMX Kadıköy It occurred at Fikirtepe metrobus stop. Allegedly, a group of Fenerbahce fans attacked Galatasaray fans who were trying to go home by metrobus after leaving the derby match. Galatasaray fans who got off the metrobus after the attack also reacted to the situation. Fans of Galatasaray, who were annoyed that there were no police at the scene due to the attack, walked for a while on the metrobus route. It was observed that Metrobuses stopped their flights for a while due to events.
As a precautionary riot police came to the scene. The fans reacting to the policemen waiting with batons in their hands, said, “After every derby, the same incidents occur here. Where are you." he reacted. The group then broke up without incident.

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